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Decubitus Ulcers Bedsores | Preventable But Deadly

Bedsores or Decubitus Ulcers Are Always Preventable If Proper Care is Given  As a former Registerd Nurse (RN), attorney Robert J. Reeves used to treat patients in the Intensive Care Unit who were clinging to life from a Stage IV decubitus ulcer, or bedsore. This is a critical care situation where th [...]

August 3rd, 2014|Nursing Home Abuse, Wrongful Death|

Nurse Investigated For Pill Theft in North Carolina

  A Lincolnton, NC woman was fired this past week from her job as a nurse for allegedly taking prescription medication from the hospital.  Now, authorities with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the incident. According to the Lincoln County, NC Sheriff, the Sheriff’s Office [...]

Rock Hill Woman Smothered to Death By Nursing Home Employee

A Rock Hill elderly woman was killed in November 2011, when her assisted living care nurse smothered the victim to death. The employee’s actions were discovered when she attempted to steal and cash checks from the victim’s banking account. The 30-year-old former assisted living employee was charged [...]

Rock Hill Woman’s Estate Sues Assisted Living Home for Wrongful Death

The estate of a woman killed last year at a Rock Hill Assisted living home is suing the facility and several of its employees, alleging that the crime could have been prevented.  Pauline Cook, 82, was found dead in her shower the day after she reported to staff members of the home and police that so [...]

September 5th, 2012|Nursing Home Abuse, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death|

Common Signs of Nursing Home Abuse – SC Nursing Home Negligence

It is a scary prospect putting one's loved ones in a nursing home, trusting their care to others.  It is even worse when the staff you trust could be abusing him or her.  How would you know?  You can't always be there with them.  Listed below, for your convenience and comfort, are the most common si [...]

July 9th, 2012|Nursing Home Abuse|