Protect your Professional License

Professionals, including Doctors, Lawyers, Orthodontists, Nurses, Dentists, Education Professionals (Teachers), and Truckers, face a serious risk once they are charged with DUI.  Not only do professionals face the already serious fines and possible jail time that everyone faces, but a professional’s reputation, livelihood, and career may be on the line: sometimes a DUI conviction means losing a professional license.

Often, the only way to avoid this harsh reality is to beat the charge, and that requires a serious DUI defense attorney.

We fight to protect the rights of professionals facing DUI charges.  Unreliable breathalyzer BAC levels can be questioned.  A trained eye can point out to the jury every moment in the roadside video that tends to show sobriety rather than intoxication.  Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, dentists, orthodontist, nurse, trucker, or other professional, we can help you keep your life safe from loss of professional license through skilled professional license DUI defense.