Lancaster, South Carolina, is a beautiful town which was formerly a huge textile mill area for Springs Industries, Inc. As textiles moved away, the people of Lancaster adapted and are now transforming into new areas. Recently, we learned that some of the former textile plants will be reopening, and the experienced operators that used to work for Springs can return to their former occupations. And, the next generation of textile workers can get a job that was once the backbone of the Lancaster economy. Of course, there are other industries and manufacturing centers in Lancaster. These are typically good paying jobs but are also dangerous work. In addition to the usual concerns about machine safety, there are risks associated with being around “cotton dust” and other breathing dangers. We urge all employers in Lancaster and South Carolina to utilize all available safety devices to protect their most valuable asset – their employees. We also encourage everyone on the job to be as safe as possible. Don’t risk your life or health for pay. It is not worth it. Be Safe. Get Home.

The workers’ compensation attorneys of Reeves, Aiken, and Hightower handle cases throughout the South Carolina, including Lancaster County.  If you have been injured on the Workers Comp Attorneyjob, whether in an industrial accident, chemical accident, fall, or in a car accident on the job, or by power tools, a press, or a forklift, contact us at 877-374-5999 or using this contact form. Robert Reeves personally has over 24 years of SC workers’ compensation trial experience. Over the years, he has handled hundreds of cases and helped many individuals and their families. He is a former insurance defense lawyer who knows how to prepare cases for trial and what defenses to avoid. He is also a former Registered Nurse (RN) who understands and can explain complex injury cases. Mr. Reeves appreciates what you’re going through at this time. He is an aggressive advocate and available to answer your questions and concerns. You can reach him directly at 803-554-4157, evenings, weekends, and holidays. Download our free SC Workers’ Compensation e-Book. Then call to schedule a time to personally meet and review your particular case.

Our Lancaster County clients include individuals and businesses in:  Lancaster, Kershaw, Heath Springs, Buford, Indian Land, Van Wyck, Elgin, Irwin, Springdale, and Taxaha.