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Moped Drivers Killed in South Carolina Crash

Two teens were riding a moped last Thursday in Oconee County, near Seneca when they collided with a pick-up truck at around 10:30 p.m.  One of the 17-year-old riders died at the scene; the other was pronounced dead at the hospital an hour or so later.  Neither teen was wearing their helmets. Driving [...]

Drunk Driving Fatalities – NHTSA Statistics

Below are some interesting statistics relating to alcohol related fatalities. Although this data is from 2006, it is indicative of the serious problem with drunk driving fatalities. The figures compiled speak for themselves. The highlighted statistic indicating there is an "alcohol-impaired driving [...]

SC Automobile Accident – Road Defects – SCDOT

This SC Supreme Court case addresses "natural" v. "artificial" hazards associated with roadway defects. Dangerous roadside conditions, such as "ruts," occur as part of the normal "wear and tear" of public use. Sadly, a moment of inattention by a driver can result in a tire going off of the road. Whe [...]

March 4th, 2012|Car Accidents, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death|

SC Automobile Accident – Design Defect Cases – Manufacturer Liability

This recent SC Supreme Court case illustrates the serious and expensive obstacles in bringing products liability lawsuits against large corporate manufacturers. Here, David went against Goliath...won...and then had the $18 million dollar jury verdict taken back for procedural errors. Specifically, t [...]

SC Automobile Accident – Underinsured Motorist Insurance Coverage – Resident Relative

This recent SC Court of Appeals case discusses the portability of an individual's underinsured motorist proctection insurance coverage. As reviewed in numerous blogs, minimum limits policies often do not provide enough insurance for serious accident victims. Consequently, it is becoming more routine [...]