A man and woman were arrested this week after trying to fill fraudulent prescriptions for Oxycodone and Adderall at Rock Hill pharmacies, according to Rock Hill Police reports.   Narcotics investigators were advised that a man and a woman dropped off fraudulent prescriptions at the Walgreens on Cherry Road and the CVS on Celanese Road on Wednesday, said the commander of York County’s Drug Enforcement Unit.

Police arrested the man and woman at a Rock Hill CVS, the reports state.   In addition to trying to obtain “trafficking amounts” of Oxycodone, Brown said, they had other drugs with them in Rock Hill, along with Oxycodone.  Rock Hill officers found the man and woman with 18 units of Alprazolam, “with the intent to distribute,” the report states.

Police also confiscated a blank prescription pad and $6,212 in cash incident to the arrest of the two.  The man and woman are each charge

d with possession with intent to distribute near a school Oxycodone and Alprazolam, trafficking Oxycodone and possession of a prescription pad, according to police.

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