Charlotte Police Arrest a Man Who Ran Over Two People in His Car then Ran

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department have just released that they have arrested a driver who recklessly ran over two citizens,Pedestrian Accident Attorney and then fled from the scene Friday night.

The Police released the location of the accident at the 6100 block of Reagan Drive, just a little after 10:30 p.m. They were called for a reported ” hit-and-run,” where the two victims were left with serious injuries.

According to the police report, officers say that a couple was crossing the street when they were struck by a black 2008 Chevrolet Impala, driven by a 45-year-old Charlotte resident. The man ran over the two people and then simply left the injured people lying in a pool of blood and pain.

The 23-year old man and the 30-year-old woman were seriously injured;  the man now being placed under “stable conditions,” and the woman still being in a critical stage.

Two days later, the CMPD was able to locate the defendant after being flagged down by a concerned local citizen.

He was easy to find, as the vehicle, he was driving was missing a side mirror and and serious front end damage from where he rammed into the couple.

The car was impounded and the defendant was arrested after questioning. He is subsequently charged with two counts  of “felony Hit and Run”, as well as a  “driving while license revoked.”

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Two Injured and One Killed in Catawba County Car Accident

A car wreck in Catawba County, North Carolina has resulted in two being injured and one has died.  The accident occurred last Wednesday afternoon on istock-person through roofCounty Home Road, near the town of Conover.  Police officials at the scene reported that one man was killed in the accident, and two women were being treated for injuries; one of the women is in serious condition.

According to the report, it is not clear what may have caused the wreck, or whether charges will be filed as a result; however, officials will likely be investigating this situation further.

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Man Killed in Gaston County Carrying Papers From the Jail

A man seen carrying papers from the Gaston County Jail was killed after being struck by a vehicle on Highway 321 last night.Pedestrian Accident Attorney

The police, and everyone for that matter, are still confused by the situation. They do not not if the man was just released from jail, or if he knew someone and was visiting at the time of the incident.

The Gaston County Police reportes that the man was in his mid-20s, and walking dangerously close to the shoulder line along the side of Hgihway 321.

At the moment of impact, the man’s body was thrown across the street to the other side of the road.

The driver of the cat that hit the victim did not have a cell-phone on her, so she left the scene to call for assistance. Accordigly, the driver was pulled over for a traffic stop due to the physical condition of her car, and reported the crime to the Dallas police.

It does not appear, at this time, that the driver will be charged with anything.

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Charlotte Teens Ages 13 and 17 Arrested for Robbery

istock-arrest with open containerCharlotte Mecklenburg Police Departmet has just released its arrest two young boys, ages 13 and 17 respectively, for their involvement in a robbery on May 30th.

Accordingly, on May 30th, right around 3:30 p.m., Charlotte patrol officers were called to the scene by the victim of a reported robbery on the 300 block of East 7th Street. The victim told the officers that he was just walking down the street when the two young boys walked up to him, punched him in the face and stomach, and then took the man’s cell phone.

On Thursday, May 30, just before 3:30 p.m., patrol officers were dispatched to a robbery from person call for service on the 300 block of E. 7th Street. The victim told the officers he was walking when the duo approached him, punched him, and took his cell phone.

When the victim went to call 911, the robbers ran away via foot.

The victim was able to describe the boys sufficiently enough to warrant a positive identification for the duo as the pair of robbers when the police later apprehended the teens.

The victim’s cell phone was also recovered nearby. The teens have been arrested and taken to police headquarters,where they were interviewed by detectives.

Both have subsequently been charged with robbery. Since the state of North Carolina does not have a statutory definition of “robbery,” NC uses the common law definition to charge the teens.

They are currently being held in Charlotte’s Juvenile Detention Center.

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Rock Hill Man Wrecks Car Into Another Car And Then Into A Building

DUI Defense AttorneyA Rock Hill resident has just been arrested for slamming his car into a 66-year-old woman’s vehicle, and then right into a building, causing over $10,000 worth of damages to the building alone.

The Rock Hill Police Department reported that the 51-year-old defendant was extremely intoxicated at the time of incident. His BAC level was almost three times the legal limit at an astonishing 0.21.

Apparently the defendant was driving near East Main Street and Firetower Road around 3:00 p.m., when the defendant lost control of his black work van, and barrelled into an elderly woman’s car. The man then kept driving after impact, only to slam into The Resident Services Building on East Main.

The Resident Services building has serious damage, and the defendant’s van blew a tire during the collision.

He tried to leave the scene of the accident, when the police finally caught up with him. The defendant immediately exercised his right to refuse the field sobriety tests the officers attempted to administer, but then later blew a .021 in the breathalyzer at the station.

The legal limit in South Carolina is .08, nearly three times less then what the defendant was driving with. He even reported to the police that he had 12 beers at lunch, along with “a bunch of chicken wings.”

His has thus been charged with driving while intoxicated, and leaving the scene of an accident. Moreover, he caused a total of $12,000 worth of damages by the time the day was over.

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