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When you bring an accident case, you have the burden of proof and must follow personal injury evidence rules. Because the rules are complex, we explain here how presenting your case properly is so important. Hence winning your case means you must present the right evidence. However, sometimes the best evidence is not admissible. So we explain the recent case of Busillo v. City of North Charleston where the rules of personal injury evidence played a critical role.

personal injury evidencePersonal Injury Evidence Rules

While on patrol for the City of North Charleston, Officer Terrell attempted a U-turn. Consequently, he hit Busillo’s car causing property damage and personal injury. Subsequently, Busillo filed a lawsuit for his property damage, and a panel found that the City liable. In addition, Busillo also filed a claim in circuit court for personal injury. However, in this case, Busillo submitted evidence of property damage to her car. While the evidence included a summary of expenses, an expert witness also testified about depreciation to Busillo’s car. Because the jury returned a verdict for Busillo, the City appealed.

First, the City claimed the court made a mistake in admitting the two pieces of evidence. However, the Court of Appeals did not agree and upheld the trial court. Regarding the expert witness, the court found that City did not preserve their argument. In order to appeal something, a party must first raise the issue at trial to preserve it. Although the City had three arguments, they did not properly raise the first. In addition, the City failed to raise the other two arguments as well. As a result, the City was not allowed to raise the issues on appeal. Rather, trial courts have a lot of room when it comes to admitting evidence. Looks like mistakes made the difference. Fortunately, the injured person won their case. Hooray for justice. But it doesn’t always work out this way. And you only get one shot.

Experience Counts in Court

Because personal injury evidence rules can make the difference, trial experience matters. While most cases settle, sometimes a trial is necessary. So when you get to court, make sure your lawyer knows the rules. Otherwise, you could lose. Better safe than sorry. Because it matters, choose your lawyer carefully. Don’t worry. We’ve got you. And we’ll be there until the end. That’s our pledge and promise to you.

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top workers compensation lawyersSince starting his workers compensation practice over 28 years ago, Robert Reeves has committed himself to excellence. Consequently, he recently accepted an invitation to join The Workers Compensation Trial Lawyers Top 25. While an important honor, making a difference in his clients’ lives is his best reward. Hence, he treats every client and every case as a new opportunity to help someone in need. And if you hire him, he promises his very best efforts on your behalf. So what does he offer in experience?

Since graduating from law school in 1989, Mr. Reeves started handling workers compensation cases. While he began his career as an insurance defense lawyer, he has represented injured workers for over 20 years. However, his experience as a defense attorney now helps him fight insurance companies. In addition, Mr. Reeves is also a former Registered Nurse (RN). Because he has personally treated serious injury, he understands what you are facing. As a result, he can explain your medical treatment and reassure you everything is going to work out. After all, we want to be more than just your lawyer. And after almost 30 years, we have handled literally thousands of cases and helped families just like yours.

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