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Our team of qualified attorneys will help clients tackle their serious personal injury, criminal defense, or family law case.  Whether you’re facing a divorce, a work injury, a motorcycle accident, or anything in between- we can help.

In many cases, the attorney you choose can often make a big difference in the outcome. So, how do you decide? And, most importantly, why us?


Why Us?

Robert J. Reeves is a practicing trial lawyer with over 30 years of experience conquering cases just like yours. In addition, our team of attorneys is ready to go the distance for you. Additionally, every client has direct access to their attorney’s mobile phone and email address. We are here at any time of day or night to ease your mind and answer your questions. You are counting on us and we take that responsibility very seriously.


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Alcohol Recovery: Whole Body Health

If you are in alcohol recovery, you can achieve whole-body health by making sure to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Deciding to quit drinking shows that you care about your well-being. If you are getting clean, it’s a great time to focus your energy on getting your...

Getting Home from the Bar Safely

Getting home from the bar safely is an important consideration if you plan to have a night of drinking. Drinking and driving can land you in a world of trouble legally and financially. Not to mention the pain if you were to get into a wreck and hurt someone. It’s best...

How to Make Split Custody Easier On Children

You can make split custody easier on your children by being communicative and civil with your ex-partner. A new schedule and lifestyle can be very difficult for children. They thrive on routine, so split custody can be a real shock to the system for them. It’s best if...

Routine Vehicle Maintenance for Road Safety

Routine vehicle maintenance is so important for keeping your car as safe as possible on the road. You might buy the safest vehicle on the market, but if it breaks down you still could get into a dangerous situation. Doing maintenance on your vehicle periodically...

Leaving a Physically Abusive Relationship Safely

It can be dangerous to get out of a physically abusive relationship. Abusers are often fueled by deep insecurities. When their partner threatens to leave or tries to walk out, it can cause them to snap and escalate their abuse. The first step is to gain the trust of...

How to Take on Sole Custody after Divorce

Taking on sole custody after divorce can be a big adjustment. It can seem overwhelming if you've been living together and suddenly are the only guardian. However, it's important to remember that both you and your children will adjust in time to your new schedule. The...

The Dangers of Trash Talking Your Ex After Divorce

Trash talking your ex after a divorce can be very tempting, but it’s important to resist the urge. You’re getting divorced, so nobody expects you to like your ex at the moment. However, airing your dirty laundry can have a lot of unintended consequences. If you’re...

Signs That Your Partner Is Abusing Alcohol

If you are wondering if your partner is abusing alcohol, you can look for signs and clues from how they live their lives and interact with others. If you do think they are drinking too much, hopefully, you can get them the help that they need. One clue that they might...

My Divorce is Final: Now What Do I Do?

Your divorce is final. It's taken months and what might feel like years of stress and anxiety. You've put so much energy into keeping yourself organized and hashing out details. But it's finally over. Now what? You might be at a loss because it's the first time you're...

Using Pet Therapy for Addiction

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction can be a very long and difficult journey for many people. Trying pet therapy for addiction can be very useful for recovery for several reasons. Pets have been proven to boost your mood. Who can't resist a happy dog's boundless...

What to Do If Hurt at Work in South Carolina

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