Interstate 77 was full of accidents over this past weekend due to some heavy rainfall. It is always dangerous to drive fast or recklessly, especially during inclement Car Accident Attorneyweather.

One individual learned this the hard way, when a fatal accident on Interstate 77 forced the North Carolina Highway Department of Transportation( NCDOT) to shut down the four-laned highway completely for almost two full hours.

The location of the accident was near exit 17, Sunset Road, a mere 5 exits away from Interstate 85 around 7:45 p.m. Saturday night.

Not too many details of the accident have been released yet, but everyone is diligently working together to discover the source of the car accident. As of right now, all that is known is that there was a serious car accident where at least one person was killed on impact.

Firefighters and police officers rushed onto the scene; but were unable to revive the driver of the car that crashed.

It can be assumed that the weather attributed to the damage, as with the rain and fog, distances seem to blur between you and the next vehicle. It is always prudent to keep a safe distance while travelling in the rain, snow, or sleet; and to drive the speed limit or less if there is water on the roadways.

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