Semi-Truck Drivers: How to Stay Safe & Alert

Semi-truck drivers have a big responsibility when they are on the road. They are driving a very large, heavy vehicle. A truck accident could be very dangerous. Truck drivers need to remember these safe driving tips.

Semi-Truck Drivers: Ways to Stay Safe

Wear a Seat Belt

Airbags are not enough to help you in an accident, even in a vehicle the size of a semi-truck. Semi-truck drivers need to make sure to wear their seat belt so it will keep them safe while driving. This could prevent them from flying out of the vehicle if an accident were to happen. It could also reduce the risk of a more serious injury.

Don’t Drive Distracted

There is a lot of new technology in truck cabs nowadays. This could lead to distracted driving. GPS, while very helpful, can take the driver’s eye off the road and cause accidents. Cell phones can lead to drivers trying to do more while they are driving, which is also causing more accidents. 

Other activities that could cause semi-truck drivers to be distracted while driving are eating, looking for items in the cab, talking to passengers if you have any, and the list goes on. It is important to keep the distractions away while driving. Only take a look at them while at a rest stop, travel center, or at the destination.

Remember the Size of the Semi

Sometimes, it may be hard for semi-truck drivers to remember that they are pulling a lot of weight behind the truck cab. It takes a lot of force to get the semi-truck going, and a lot of force to get it to stop. Therefore, in the case of braking, it is necessary to keep a good amount of distance between a truck and the car ahead. A truck traveling at 55 mph will take 390 feet to come to a complete stop.

Turning can also be a challenge while driving a semi-truck. Drivers should keep in mind that they need to take wide turns. This will help prevent them from getting stuck trying to take tight corners.

Avoid Fatigue

Semi-truck drivers have long days and long weeks. In order to practice safe driving, it is necessary to make sure to take plenty of breaks and get rest. This is especially important when a driver is feeling tired. Driving while tired can be very dangerous. Other tips to reduce fatigue include eating healthy, doing exercises during breaks, and getting a good nights sleep.

Ending a Marriage: How to Call it Quits

Ending a marriage can come in several different forms. There is a difference between divorce, separation and annulment. They all mean different things. Here are some of their differences.

Ending a Marriage: Divorce, Separation and Annulment


A divorce is when a couple goes through the process of legally ending a marriage before either spouse has passed away. There are many different reasons that a couple may choose to get a divorce. Each state may handle the divorce process differently. Once a divorce is finalized, the two people are no longer legally bound to each another. This opens up the ability for either or both people to remarry or enter into a domestic partnership.


When someone gets an annulment, it is a way of ending a marriage that states that the marriage is null and void. Annulments are not granted very often. An exception to this is when a court finds that a marriage is not valid. Reasons that could warrant an annulment are duress, fraud, bigamy, or incest. Another reason could be that one party was underage and lacked parental consent. Alternatively, they never lived together, or one spouse was not mentally able to make the decision. 

Annulments are not the same as a divorce. If someone does not meet the requirements for an annulment, they will have to file for a divorce. With an annulment, the marriage never happened. On the other hand, a divorce ends a marriage that was legally valid. Just like with a divorce, the parties are legally single. Because of this, the parties are able to get remarry afterwards. 


A separation is not actually a way of ending a marriage directly. A separation occurs when a married couple makes a legal decision to live separate lives. This happens while thinking about or getting ready for divorce. This is not the same as if a couple decides to informally live apart. A separation does not allow for either person to remarry. This is because they are still both legally married. 

In some states, the date a couple separated will determine how long they have to wait to get a divorce. Sometimes, couples work through their issues during this period. This can lead to them to get back together. Other times, couples decide to go through with a divorce. 

As you can see, divorce, annulment and separation are 3 very different things. With divorce and annulment, the parties become single. On the other hand, separation is just a time period before a possible divorce takes place. 

Semi-truck Accidents: Common Causes

If you are going on a long road trip, it is not uncommon to come across semi-truck accidents. These vehicles are very large and heavy. Because of this, they can be dangerous for their drivers as well as other people on the road. While many things can happen on the road, there are a few common causes of truck accidents.

Semi-truck Accidents: What Can Cause Them?

Driver Fatigue

One of the most common causes of semi-truck accidents is driver fatigue. It is not uncommon for truck drivers to have to drive 1000s of miles in a few days. Many truck drivers are paid based on the number of miles they drive. Due to that, it is lucrative for truck drivers to drive further distances in a smaller time period. The more miles they cram in, the more money they can make. 

There are rules that regulate the number of hours that a driver can drive per day. Additionally, there are rules for how often and how long they must take breaks. It is important for these drivers to take breaks and be well-rested.

Driver Distractions

Additionally, it is easy for a cell phone, GPS, food, and many other things to distract drivers. Distractions are a cause semi-truck accidents. Since their trips can be long, truck drivers can get distracted. Therefore, truck drivers should try and avoid as many distractions as possible. For example, drivers should avoid using their cell phones or messing with their GPS while driving. Not paying attention to the road could end up costing someone their life.

Driver Inexperience

Another common reason for a semi-truck accidents is driver inexperience or inadequate training. In some cases, new drivers can be on the road immediately after finishing their trucking courses. This is because inexperienced drivers are going to provide cheaper labor than experienced ones. Unfortunately, this could lead to these drivers being unfamiliar with their assigned truck. If this is the case, errors are more likely to happen. More training could lead to fewer accidents.

A driver may not know how to properly control their truck if they are not used driving a very large, heavy vehicle. This could include speeding, or taking turns or curves too sharply. Since trucks are very heavy, they will also brake much differently than a regular car will. It may take a new truck driver some time to improve his or her driving skills.

Loading Issues 

Some semi-truck accidents can actually come from poorly loaded cargo. Sometimes, incorrectly loaded cargo can lead to an improperly weighted truck. This could cause the truck to be difficult to maneuver. It could also lead a truck to jack-knife, potentially causing serious injuries.

There are many factors that could lead to semi-truck accidents. However, proper training, correct loading, fewer distractions and rested drivers could all help to reduce the number of trucking accidents.

Sport Mode: Using Little Known Features

Many modern cars come with a range of different “modes” to alter their performance. If there’s one mode many drivers don’t understand, it’s sport mode. Therefore, it’s helpful to know what this mode does, how it works, and when it’s best for you to use it…

Sport Mode: Optimize Car Performance

What it does

Drivers can usually turn on sport mode by pressing a button or twisting a dial. You might wonder, then, just how much the mode can change? In fact, it actually does change your car’s performance in three distinct areas: the engine, transmission, and suspension.

In this mode, your car’s engine will be more “sensitive” to the throttle, increasing its acceleration. It’ll also increase revving capacity by extend the automatic shift points in your car’s transmission. You’ll notice too that the suspension tightens up and will feel a bit more “stiff.” This improves performance on paved surfaces, especially on highways.

Use in cars

In the past, you’d usually only find sport mode as an option in higher-end cars. The most common usage was in sports cars, hence the name. However, recently many other cars have had this mode included stock. For instance, tucks, SUVs, and even minivans can all be found with sport mode features!

No matter the car, the results of the mode are generally the same: your car becomes more responsive than when you drive it regularly. This is why so many manufactures are including it in all their vehicles. Plenty of drivers describe the mode as “fun” or “thrilling”, so having it included gives them another feature to draw customers in with.

Potential downsides

While sport mode does come with some improvements, it also has some downsides. The increased engine power will mean more gas consumption. This will lessen the usual MPG that your car gets compared to when driving it normally. Plus, the extra performance can mean extra wear on your engine and tires.

You also need to make sure that you’re aware of when you should use sport mode. Using it in poor weather conditions and on roads with sharp curves/turns can be risky. Instead, it’s safest to use it on days with clear weather and on more open and straight roads.

Make Money While on Workers Comp

You may be looking at ways to make money while on workers comp. If you’re injured and unable to work, you will likely only receive two-thirds of your regular pay. Keep in mind, working a second job or a side-job could affect your benefits. Check with your policy and laws before deciding to proceed. 

Make Money While on Workers Comp: Ideas to Make Money

Sell Your Clutter

You can make money while on workers comp plus clean out your house at the same time. Platforms like eBay, Poshmark and Facebook Marketplace are a great place to cash in on things you are not using. Poshmark is more focused on clothing items, while eBay and Facebook Marketplace are for just about anything. 

Rent Out a Room

If you have a spare room in your home, and feel comfortable doing so, you could rent it out on Airbnb to make money while on workers comp. This works best if you live in or near a big city, or an attraction of some sort. Beaches, state or national parks, or other scenic areas are top spots for people to want to rent a room. Don’t forget to check the rules of where you live to make sure you are allowed to put your place on Airbnb.

Take Surveys

There are plenty of websites where you can take surveys for cash. This is an easy way to make some extra money while on workers comp while on your phone or computer. Surveys will range in length and pay, but there’s money to be made.

Become a Driver

With rideshares growing in popularity, you can become a driver to bring in extra money. Rideshare services like Lyft and Uber are options you can look into. These services have branched into food delivery as well, which will give another money making opportunity. Of course this is all dependent on what type of injury you have sustained. 


If you’re crafty, you could make extra money by selling items on Etsy. This site is great for arts and crafts. From jewelry to paintings, and handmade cards to sticker decals, there is a little bit of everything on Etsy.

If you need to make some extra money while on workers comp, there are plenty of options available. Your options may be limited due to the type of injury you have, and the rules surrounding your claim.