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Dog Bite Injuries: Handling Incidents

There are plenty of different types of personal injury. From injuries in the workplace, at a friends house, on the lake, and even in the dog park. You might find that, in any setting, something can occur which alters your quality of life. Take, for example, if you’re...

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Figure Skating Injuries

Figure skating is a beautiful, graceful, and challenging practice. However, when you’re getting started, the practice can be difficult, and even dangerous. If you consider all of the pieces involved in figure skating, such as skates, blades, hard ice, and cold...

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Winter Injuries: Avoiding a Hurt Holiday

Winter activities for most of us consists of Christmas movies, hot cocoa, gift shopping, and avoiding the cold. While we often think of these activities as relatively safe, this is not always the case. Winter injuries are quite common if you consider the changes in...

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Anti-Lock Braking System Pro’s

Braking with a motorcycle can be a difficult thing to do. The process is much different than braking in a car. In a car all we have to do is press the brake, and all four tires respond in harmony with one another. But on most motorcycles, the front and rear brake use...

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Court Storming: Sports-Related Injuries

Basketball season is flush with excitement. From March Madness, to big wins, and celebrations with friends. During big games, and even small ones, fans find news ways to celebrate the win. But one method that is tried and true for fans, is court storming after a big...

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