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Computer Eye Problems

Every profession comes with it’s own set of risks. However, when you think of work-related injuries, you likely picture broken bones, falling materials, burns, or something of the like. However, work-related injuries come in all forms and fashions. Take, for example,...

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Scaffolding Safety:

There are many different positions in the workforce which might lead to your requiring the use of scaffolding. Maybe you work in construction, architecture, window cleaning, or even painting. Whatever the profession, it’s important that scaffolding safety be used...

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Teaching Injuries

We mention it all the time, there are inherent risks in every profession. Furthermore, there are unique safety measures that need to be taken. However, today, we’re going to look at one profession in particular that comes with a unique set of risks... teaching....

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Welding Injuries

Being a welder is dangerous work. You’re dealing with high-heat, heavy light exposure, radiation, fumes, and melted metal. In short, being a welder comes with quite a few different risks. However, injury prevention begins with acknowledging what those injuries are....

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Night Shift Risks

As employees, we know that sometimes— we’re at the whim of our employers. They need someone to cover night shift, and on occasion— you have to be that person. While you are fulfilling your duties for your employer, it’s also important to acknowledge the risks that can...

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Basic Road Rules We Commonly Break

When it comes to following the rules, you probably like to think you're a law abiding citizen. However, we all do things from time to time that fall outside those lines of what's allowed, and what's not. Take, for example, the basic road rules. Merging correctly,...

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Avoiding Road Rage

When it comes to sharing the road with other drivers, things can get ugly pretty fast. Many drivers get in our way, or make unsafe moves. In turn, those careless drivers put our lives in jeopardy. When that happens, it may spark an angry reaction in us. However, being...

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