A boat caught fire in the early afternoon of Sept. 1 on Lake Wylie soon after the boat had been put on the water for a Labor Day cruise.Tega Cay Fire Department, one of several agencies responding to the fire, used its fire boat to extinguish the fire.  A family was aboard, but luckily, all made it off of the boat safely.

The incident occurred about 30 feet off shore near Lake Club Marina and Ebenezer Park. Often times, boating accidents are due to high levels of intoxication in conjunction with driving a boat. Especially for boaters on Lake Wylie, the reports typically read that there was some sort of collision or disruption due to intoxication. People tend to forget that the same rules apply whether you are driving a boat, car, or any other motor vehicle; you may not be intoxicated as you operate.

However, in the case at hand, the situation is unique, as no one was appears to be at fault for the boat catching aflame.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, but the authorities are working diligently to investigate.

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