Am I The Victim of Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice occurs frequently, yet medical malpractice suits are quite rare. It’s estimated that 200,000 people die each year in the U.S. from medical errors. However, suing for medical malpractice can be very costly and take a long time. To avoid being a victim of medical errors, make sure and be an advocate for yourself. Speak up if something feels odd to you. If you feel a doctor isn’t taking you seriously, try to get a second opinion. If you do suspect that you’ve been a victim of medical malpractice, contact a seasoned attorney to handle your case. Hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with a medical malpractice suit, but it’s important to know what they are so that you can be an advocate for your care.

All About Medical Malpractice Suits: When To Suspect It and How to Avoid It

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice happens when a health care professional causes injury by error, negligence, or omission. This means that a doctor could be sued for medical malpractice if they treat a patient incorrectly. A patient can also die if their doctor fails to diagnose or treat them. It mostly happens when a doctor goes against the standard of medical care.

How do You Determine Medical Malpractice?

For a case to be considered a medical malpractice case, a patient must prove that their doctor was negligent. There is a standard of care that is the general guideline for what any prudent doctor would do in a medical situation. A patient must prove that their provider did something that violates this standard. In addition, they have to prove that this directly harmed them. And finally, most medical malpractice suits only occur when the injury to the patient was very extreme. This is because these cases are very expensive to litigate.

How to Avoid Being a Victim of Medical Mapractice

The best way to avoid being a victim of medical malpractice is to be an advocate for yourself. The healthcare system can be overwhelming. And doctors can sometimes be intimidating and dismiss your concerns. However, if something feels wrong, speak up. Get a second opinion if your diagnosis or treatment seems extreme. In addition, be proactive about your medical care. Listen to your body and don’t be afraid to ask questions and speak up for yourself.

What to Do if You Suspect it Happened to You

If you suspect that you’re a victim of medical malpractice, speak to an attorney. These cases can be very difficult to win. So it’s important to have an experienced and knowledgeable advocate by your side. Be aware that these cases can take a very long time. In addition, it is very hard to prove medical malpractice, so you’ll need to have an airtight case. Keep a record of all your visits and any information that might be helpful.

Medical malpractice is unfortunately all too common. Doctors have large caseloads and many patients. However, these cases can be difficult to win in court. If you think you’re a victim of medical negligence, misdiagnosis, or omission, contact an attorney. Keep records of all of your visits. You’ll need to prove that a medical provider violated standard care practices. You’ll also have to prove that this directly harmed you. The best way to avoid being a victim of medical malpractice is to advocate for yourself. In addition, be proactive about your health care. Hopefully, you will never be the victim of medical malpractice. But it’s important to know what it is so that you can be an advocate for your own care.

Injury Recovery During COVID

If you’re facing an injury of some sort, whether it be related to work or play, the injury recovery process can be difficult. After all, it might require time off work, exercise, and a good amount of rest and relaxation. For some, the down time is a dream come true and for others it’s a nightmare. But when you throw COVID into the mix? Injury recovery during COVID requires special consideration for a few different reasons. But what are they? In many ways, things will remain the same but in others they will not…

Injury Recovery During COVID: How it’s Different 

Less help

When recovering from an injury, you often have limited mobility in some way. Whether your leg is hurt, your arm, your head, or even your toe— it might be hard for you to go about your day normally. In normal circumstances, you might call your mom or dad or best friend and ask them to come lend a hand during the day or stay for a few. 

But, with quarantine, you might worry about getting sick or getting others sick. Injury recovery during COVID might lead you to go at the process alone. If this is impossible in your state, consider asking someone to take a COVID test and then come spend the week with you. Or, maybe find someone who is able to quarantine with you, especially if you have doctor’s appointments that you’ll need a ride to. Which brings me to the two other difficulties you might face…

Physical Therapy 

With a virus that seemingly won’t go away, getting the assistance you need to heal to 100% might be difficult. There might be fewer session available, lower capacity, or you might just not be able to meet with a PT at all. Injury recovery during COVID might look a bit more like virtual sessions, printouts to follow, or sent home equipment. Either way, it’s important to stay committed to the plan put forth for you. The goal is getting back to 100% and to your normal life, which starts with committing to your recovery plan. 

Catching a ride 

Another difficulty that COVID has brought along is getting home safely when you can’t drive! Uber and Lyft have been at a lowered capacity. It seems like catching a ride can take upwards of 20 minutes— if you can catch it at all. This can be challenging when you are unable to drive, especially when you don’t have extra help like we mentioned above. You have errands to run, places to be, and maybe a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. When catching a ride is getting in the way of your injury recovery during COVID— it can be helpful to have a backup plan. Then, backup your backup plan. Times are tough but getting through them is not impossible. We wish you luck and a quick healing process. Call if you need us. 

How-to Practice Early Voting Safety During COVID-19

In what is being described as a ‘record avalanche’ of early votes, the polls have been seemingly busier than usual during this season of early voting. Here in Charlotte, voting stations are available city wide. Bank of America Stadium is acting as a polling station so you can social distance and cast your early vote. But, with numbers on rise both in terms of voters and COVID-19, how do you practice early voting safety in this time that requires special consideration? The good news is that by going early, you’re already taking the first step. 

How-to Practice Early Voting Safety during COVID-19: Safety in Numbers

Wear a mask 

There are a few different things that you need to do in order to both follow CDC guidelines and to practice early voting safety. The first step we encourage is wearing a mask. While many public spaces currently enforce this mandate— you might find that you can sometimes slip through the cracks. Even in those instances, we encourage you to wear your mask. As we mention above, the number of early voters is at a record high. This means that even on a slow day or during an hour you might think to be slow, you might still find yourself in quite a long line or big crowd. Wear a mask, be aware, and keep your distance even if there is no one close by telling you to do so. 

Hand Sanitizer is essential 

Many polling places are skipping stickers this year and instead opting for pens with a stylus. Exercising the pen versus sticker option keeps you from having to touch as many different things. While this is absolutely a helpful and mindful step for North Carolina to take, it doesn’t fully eliminate the sanitation issue. So, keep hand sanitizer in your pocket or bag. Use sanitizer after every step of the process and hope others do the same. Early voting safety starts the same way as any other situation does— by keeping your hands and spaces clean and sanitary. 

Consider mailing in your ballot 

If you want to avoid the polling places altogether, consider choosing the mail-in ballot option. Mail-in ballot locations are located all over the city. All you have to do is drop your ballot in the box and go on with your day— easy as that! Many people feel wary of this option for any number of reasons. But, if you feel confident in doing so, mail-in voting a great way to practice early voting safety. Just make sure you are aware of the deadlines and that you have filled your ballot out properly. 

Don’t let COVID-19 deter you from casting your vote! 

I hope that through this article we have proven to your that early voting safety is possible! Whether it’s by mail, at a location in the coming weeks, or on election day. No matter how you vote, it is absolutely possible to protect yourself and others to the best of your ability. Vote safe, sanitize, find the best method for you, and practice your civic duty. We wish you a safe and healthy holiday season in this difficult time

Dog Bite Injuries: How to Avoid Them

While dogs have become known as man’s best friend, most often that means their owner’s best friend. When it comes to strangers, some dogs aren’t quite so friendly. For this reason, dog bite injuries can be quite common… and dangerous.

Not only are they very common in neighborhoods and living complexes, but they mostly happen to children. They are also common on-the-job injuries for employees that have to approach or work in homes. While certain areas have leash laws and other protective measures, it’s still important to practice these tips when approaching a dog you don’t know. After all, a dog bite might seem less severe than other types of personal injury but they can be just as serious.

Avoiding Dog Bite Injuries: Personal Injury

Don’t Approach Too Quickly

When dealing with a dog you don’t know, you never want to approach too quickly. For one thing, you don’t know the demeanor of the dog, so it’s best to keep your distance. In addition, coming up to a dog very quickly can put them on alert. Of course, the dog isn’t familiar with you either so they don’t know if you’re a threat…

When you approach too quickly, they may feel like you are going to attack. In that case, they may react out of fear and you could face dog bite injuries. As a child, it’s very natural to run up to a cute, furry dog. So, it’s important to teach your kids to approach slowly as well.

Be Aware of Their Food and Toys

Dogs can feel very protective over things that are theirs. Therefore, they may become aggressive when eating or playing with a chew toy. So, it’s best to avoid bothering them while they eat. At that point, they may become aggressive due to their protective instincts. If you’re reaching down and they snap too quickly, you could face serious dog bite injuries to your hands or fingers. 

Don’t Try to Calm Them

When facing an aggressive dog, it can be tempting to try to calm them. However, that can lead to dog bite injuries very quickly. While some dogs don’t mean anything by their bark, others mean business. It doesn’t always mean they need to get to know you or sniff you out first.

Those tactics can calm some dogs and they will settle down rather quickly. However, you may just be putting yourself within a closer bite range. If you don’t know the dog or it’s owners, don’t assume you can calm them by talking to them or letting them sniff you.

If You’re On the Job…

Some jobs demand that you approach or even work in a person’s home. For instance, mailmen and other delivery service employees must approach stranger’s homes everyday. In addition, working in construction, electricity, plumbing, and other services can place you in a stranger’s home.

As a stranger in or around the home, you can seem like the biggest threat to a dog. Because of their protective instincts, they may try to snap to protect their owners and their territory. Therefore, it’s important to be cautious when approaching home. Be on alert for dogs that may roam the yard freely or run out of the door quickly. Dog bite injuries at work can be serious and lead to injuries that will prevent you from being able to do your job.

The best way to avoid dog bite injuries is to keep your distance until you feel safe around the dog and the dog feels safe around you…

While you may know to stay back, many kids do not. It’s instinctive to reach out to a dog as a child, especially if they have pets at home. So, be sure to teach your kids about keeping their distance when they don’t know the dog. By doing so, you can help prevent your children from facing serious dog bite injuries.

Product Liability Cases: Who/What is Responsible?

Product liability cases may come about after injury you receive from a purchased product. Typically, when buying a product, you expect it to work as advertised. However, when things don’t quite go to plan, and you face injury, you might wonder if you have a case. But, for what exactly? You know something went wrong, and are hurt as a result…

Product Liability Cases: What Qualifies? 

Defective design

Defect in design is one of the most common types of product liability issues. Maybe your car has a high center of gravity. Therefore, during a minor accident, your car flips and you face an injury. Product liability comes in all forms and fashions. However, these can be fatal if the company does not make you aware, and give you the chance to return the product.  

Defective manufacturing

Defective manufacturing is not directly related to the product design in product liability cases. But, instead, it relates to how the product was put together. Maybe the screws for a bike are loose, and you fall into traffic. Or, they missed padding inside of a helmet. The issue with a product can vary. But, in this case, it was not due to the design. Instead it is due to how the bike was put together.

Defective marketing

You might not consider it, but marketing can also play a role in the danger of a product. Maybe the team behind this product failed to apply warning labels, or give you the proper safety measures. Most any product should come with warnings. For example, failing to label a cup of extremely hot coffee, which results in a burn constitutes product liability. 

Understanding Benefits

In the event of product liability injuries, it is important to know what your benefits could be. Depending on your injury in the product liability case, you might end up with some pretty hefty medical bills. In that case, your way of life might change as you recover. Every case is different, as is the injury. Therefore, compensation for that injury might be completely necessary to your healing. 

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

While some people don’t have to go through the thrilling experience of wisdom tooth surgery, most teens and adults will at some point. Your experience with it can vary depending on plenty of different variables. However, it’s important that you take care of yourself post-surgery. Your doctor did their part (hopefully), so now it’s time to do yours. 

Wisdom Tooth Surgery & Recovery

Continue Following Instructions

Whatever instructions your dentist gave you for recovering from your wisdom tooth surgery, continue doing them. This might include not eating solids, minding your extraction site, and taking medicines in a timely fashion. You might need some help on that first day when you’re out of it. But, try to arrange this ahead of time. No one wants to come out of wisdom tooth surgery and try to find a caretaker.

By following your doctor’s orders, you can reduce pain and lessen your healing time.If you’re days into the healing process and still in the same amount of pain— reach out to your dentist. There might have been an error in your surgery, or maybe you just need a bit more medicine. Whatever it may be, communicate with your doctor to make sure you’re receiving the proper amount of care. 

Take your medication properly

As we mentioned before, don’t miss your medicine schedule. Wisdom tooth surgery can be quite painful. Your medicine is there to help you manage that pain. Furthermore, besides not missing your medication schedule, also avoid doubling up on your medication. Your pain medication, just like any other, has side effects and addictive properties. In short, use your medication properly and without overdoing it.

A common procedure, but not to be taken lightly

Wisdom tooth surgery is so common that almost everyone has to get one. However, every healing process will look different. But if you follow this guide, and the strict instructions from your surgeon, you’ll be back to 100% in no time at all. In short, pay mind to your healing and extraction site. Don’t fall victim to pain and suffering because of negligence. We wish you luck with your surgery, encourage you to follow recovery instructions, and also encourage you to follow up with your doctor.