As all bikers know, motorcycles come with problems. Any hobby vehicle, actually, will have a problem or two at some point. Sometimes, you have a problem occur that is uncommon and unheard of. However, other times, you have one of the common motorcycle problems that riders face every day. Check to see if your problem is one of the common ones!

Common Motorcycle Problems & Prevention

Tire Wear

You should always check your tire pressure before you ride. If you have improper tire pressure, you could cause your tires to wear out too quickly. In addition to this, you should check the tread on your tires. One of the common motorcycle problems riders face can be simply traced back to the tires on the motorcycle. Because the tires take all of the pressure from the bike, they need to be checked often and thoroughly.

Chain Lubrication Problems

A defective chain could cause you to have a major accident, causing harm to you and the bike. Having a properly lubricated chain will avoid chains breaking or the drive train locking up. Chains snapping are amongst the most dangerous of the common motorcycle problems riders face daily.

Dirt and Debris

If your bike is running poorly, give it a good cleaning. One of the most common motorcycle problems is also one of the easiest to fix. Check your maintenance manual first, but it could be as simple as cleaning a spark plug. Sometimes they just need a good clean to make it run smoothly again. This can also help if the bike is not starting.


Motorcycle batteries have a short lifespan compared to other vehicular batteries. Because of this, it ranks high on the light of common motorcycle problems. Make sure you are charging your battery at the end of each ride. Your owner’s manual will also have tips on how to keep it charged.

Fuel System

Replacing the hoses on your fuel-injected motorcycles regularly will keep them from drying out and cracking. Just like with anything, proper and routine maintenance will keep you from facing the common motorcycle problems that every rider faces.