Last Saturday was grim when a  Chester County man was crushed to death while on the job. Isiah McCrorey, age 51, was in charge of operating the cranes for Palmetto Recycling in Rock Hill.

His daughter, Nydia Wherry, is confused by the accident states that her father ” knew those cranes, he’d been working with cranes and working construction for over 20 years,” when the accident occurred; leaving the family baffled and full of questions. Specifically, McCrorey had been working this particular crane at Rock Hill’s Palmetto Recycling for over 2 years.

According to the Rock Hill police report, McCrorey was operating the crane last Saturday when he noticed something was in the way of the crane. He subsequently locked the crane and got out of the equipment in order to move something out-of-the-way. It was at that moment that the one-ton storage container that the crane was holding fell atop McCrorey. Co-workers ran to his rescue and tried to lift the container off of McCrorey as they called 911.

Currently, OSHA is investigating the accident to see if Palmetto Recycling could have done something different to prevent the accident.McCrorey’s daughter Wherry states that her family is not pointing fingers to place blame, however they have obtained counsel to look into the incident.

The victim has left behind his wife of 28 years, along with children and grandchildren to bear the grief.

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