When, or if, the time comes for you too file a worker’s compensation claim, you’re undeniably expecting that your company will take care of you with no problem. However, unfortunately, there are many, many cases of denied worker’s compensation across the nation. If you find yourself in this scenario, there are a few common reasons that likely could have affected your case. So, we’re going to explain a few of those common problems with comp claims…

Denied Worker’s Compensation: What’s Stopping your Benefits?

Notifying your employer on time

One potential reason for your denied worker’s compensation, could be the timeline in which you did so. Carrying out an investigation into the accident is often time-sensitive, as is proving your injury. Therefore, if you come back some time after an accident and say you hurt your back on the job, it can be difficult to prove that the accident occurred at work. In short, there are quite a few arguments you can pose when it comes to a late claim.

You were under the influence

Another instance of claim denial can occur if you were under the influence at the time of the accident. Your employer has the right to drug test you when you visit the doctor following an injury. Not all employers will require this, but it is quite common. Therefore, if that testing shows that you were under the influence, it can be easy to blame your accident on that impairment.

Seeing an approved medical provider

If you have a work-related injury, your employer will likely give you a list of approved doctors to choose from. If you do not follow that list, your claim could potentially be denied as well. Not to mention, if you choose an outside doctor, you’ll be paying out of pocket. Therefore, it’s best that you follow their requests to make sure you’re not paying for a work injury out of pocket.

Seeing no medical provider

While choosing a doctor outside of the options given can be a problem for claims, not going at all can be even more damning. If you don’t see a doctor about your injury, the insurance company may accuse you of faking the injury to receive benefits. Having supporting medical documents is vital to making sure your case is solid, and irrefutable.