Drivers Beware!  St. Patrick’s Day has long been one of the most dangerous holidays on the roads, and data shows that drunken driving violations skyrocket when the holiday falls on a weekend, as it does this year.  St. Patrick’s Day is in honor of St. Patrick, one of the most commonly recognized patron saints of Ireland, and was made an official feast day in the early seventeenth century; now it is observed by many denominations commemorating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.

However, the day also involves public parades and festivals, the wearing of green attire or shamrocks, the Lenten eating and alcohol consumption restrictions are lifted, and most importantly “green beer.”  For some people, St. Patty’s Day, with all of the festivities associated with the vibrant holiday, can be taken farther than a day of celebration, and become one of drunken foolishness.  As a night of drinking and celebrating metamorphosis’s into the phrase “it’s cool guys, I’m OK to drive,”  it is important to take into consideration the implications that can be coupled with such a decision.

Police officers in the state of South Carolina will be out in full force during the entire St. Patty’s Day weekend ripping tickets and taking people to spend the night on the cold shameful bed of the “drunk tank.”  While the weekend is an excellent time to enjoy the incoming spring season, and enjoy the holiday, it is also a great time to make bad decisions.  These bad decisions can turn into a night in the county’s detention center, fines, and criminal charges.  To avoid such consequences, it is important that one, who is partaking in the consumption of alcohol, makes the decision to find a sober driver to drive them home.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  Therefore, if you have been charged with DUI, Felony DUI, or any other drinking charge, call the law offices of Reeves, Aiken & Hightower, LLP.  We have criminal defense attorneys who have experience in dealing with such cases, and we would be happy to schedule a consultation.  You can call our Baxter Village office in Fort Mill South Carolina at 803-548-4444, or toll-free at 877-374-5999.