Encountering road rage while driving can be incredibly scary and dangerous. If it happens to you, the most important thing is to stay calm. Do not engage with the other driver because it will only encourage them to act more irrationally. Put distance between yourself and the driver that is driving erratically. Ignore any hand gestures they give you, and try not to make eye contact. Never honk at another driver unless it’s for defensive purposes. And finally, if they follow you, call the police and drive someplace safe. Hopefully, you’ll never encounter road rage, but if you do these tips can keep you safe.

Encountering Road Rage: How to Protect Yourself from Dangerous Drivers

Put Distance Between You

First things first when you encountering road rage: put distance between you. You should try and get as far away from that driver as possible. Even if it means going a different route or taking longer to get where you’re going. You never know what somebody is going to do if they’re having road rage. They may act erratically or even try to cause an accident. People have even been known to get out of their cars and attack other drivers. Being on time is less important than being safe. So make your priority getting out of their way and to a safe place.

Ignore Gestures

Another thing to keep in mind when you encountering road rage driver is to ignore any gestures they make at you. They may try to honk or stick their middle finger at you. They might even roll down windows and yell or scream at other drivers. If you respond to it you’ll just be encouraging their behavior. They will be more likely to get even angrier and act more erratically.

Never Honk

If you are encountering road rage, it’s important never to honk at them. In fact, it’s really best not to honk at drivers at all unless it’s for defensive purposes. For example, if a car is about to merge right into you and doesn’t seem to see you, it’s best to honk to let them know you’re there. This is especially important when you’re riding in next to semi-trailers with low visibility. You can also give a honk if some time has passed and the car in front of you doesn’t seem to realize the light is green. However, honking out of anger is almost never productive and can cause road rage.

If They Follow You

If encountering road rage and the driverEncountering road rage while driving can be incredibly scary and dangerous. If it happens to you, the most important thing is to stay… seems to be following you, call the police. It’s also important not to go home. Instead, drive directly to a police station or other safe space that is public and well-lit. You never know what somebody else has in mind. If the driver with road rage is truly acting irrationally, they could be very dangerous. It’s best to alert the authorities and just get someplace safe.

Encountering road rage can be very scary when you encounter it while driving. Other drivers on the road should be courteous and polite, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If you see a driver who is acting rashly or showing anger signs, try to put as much distance as possible between you and them. Ignore any rude gestures they make or anything they say to you. You should try to avoid honking at other drivers except for defensive situations. And finally, if somebody seems to be following you, don’t go home. Instead, call the cops and get someplace safe. Hopefully, you won’t have to ever deal with another driver in the throes of serious road rage, but if you do the most important thing to do is remain calm and get to safety!