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Because you are looking for answers about a Fort Mill divorce, you are here on our website. Although you may not have made your final decision yet, you still need to know your options. As a result, we will try to answer some of the most common questions. After all, if you know what to expect, you will sleep better and make better choices. Always remember that divorce is a process. However, the goal is always to get through it as quickly and as peaceably as possible. Try not to worry, we can get you there. In the meantime, read this helpful information to better understand what to do prior to and while going through a divorce.


Rather than just sit home and worry, we suggest you visit our office and talk with us. So, how does this work? First, we pre-screen you over the phone to see if you really need our services. For example, sometimes you just need some general information and basic guidance. However, if your marriage is ending, then we do need to schedule a time to meet in either our Fort Mill or Charlotte office.

During the consultation, we listen to your concerns and answer your questions. In addition, we explain the divorce process in detail. Following our consultation, you will know your rights and can thus better decide how to go forward. Most importantly, you’re going to sleep better tonight. And, of course, everything we discuss is completely private and confidential. But now, no one can intimidate you because you know what to expect.



Mr. Reeves is an experienced trial attorney with over twenty-eight (28) years of litigation experience. But whether it is civil court, criminal court, or family court, the process and approach remain the same. As a result, we prepare every case thoroughly for trial. However, in many situations, cases can be resolved through negotiation or mediation. Because litigation is stressful and expensive, we stand ready to reach an agreement if the other side is reasonable. Of course, you make all important decisions about your case.

While we can tell you what to expect generally, every case is different. Consequently, unexpected things always come up. And when they do, you will need to speak with us even if it is after hours or on the weekend. As a result, every client has our cell phone number and direct email address. Because we understand the stress of divorce, we know a few minutes on the phone will help. So when you need him, you can reach Mr. Reeves directly by calling 704-351-7979 or emailing .


So why is a family lawyer’s approach to divorce important? Because of professional style and temperament matter. For example, if your lawyer is brash and confrontational, you should expect a long, drawn-out, and expensive divorce. And maybe that is what you want. However, if you prefer to end your marriage peaceably and with grace, we are your firm and would be honored to represent you.

Is Your Marriage Really Over

Whenever possible, we encourage our clients to try to resolve their differences and save their marriage. While it may seem impossible, you should give your best efforts before moving forward with divorce. Of course, in many situations, this option is taken away through infidelity or learning your partner files against you for divorce. However, it is still the best course to try to work things out if you can.

Pre-divorce settlement Agreement

For those marriages that cannot be saved, we encourage you to reach an agreement on as many issues as you can. After all, everything you work out before hiring us saves unnecessary legal fees. Hence, the best-case scenario is we review an agreement, and then a York County family court judge approves it. In addition to saving legal fees, this option also makes it easier to work with your former spouse going forward. Hence, school events, graduations, weddings, etc will be less awkward in the future if you lay the groundwork now. And then you only have to wait one year for a final decree of divorce. But while you wait, all important matters are resolved so you can move forward with your life.

Choosing a Fort Mill Divorce Attorney

Sadly, roughly half of all marriages today end in divorce. While there are many reasons why it is usually cheating. However, in other cases, couples simply grow apart over the years. Perhaps we just give up too easily. Regardless of the reason, you need to know what to expect and what options are available. In addition, you want an experienced trial court litigator but a compassionate family lawyer. Consequently, your first critical decision is who to hire. So how do you decide who is the best family law attorney for you? Because so much is at stake, we first encourage you to compare different lawyers and their credentials. While websites can help, you should go further and interview several divorce lawyers. Rather than act impulsively, choose the lawyer who gives you the most confidence but also puts you at ease.


Divorce laws in South Carolina are complex and impact every facet of your life. As a result, child custody, visitation, alimony, and property division issues have to be resolved. Because so much is on the line, it is never a good idea to try to handle a divorce on your own. Rather, having an experienced trial lawyer and compassionate family law attorney beside you is worth the investment. Consequently, our divorce lawyers help you isolate emotion and focus on making good decisions. Especially now, you have to do what is best for yourself and your children. Try not to worry. We will be right there beside every step of the way.

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