Someone you know and love has just gotten a DWI. Do you just write them off, or do you hang around and be there for them. This does not mean that you have completely taken full responsibility for your friend. Getting through a DWI can be emotionally draining and confusing. A friend who got a DWI charge could always use a little extra emotional support from another friend, or have someone believe in them. Remember that their bad decisions do not automatically make them a bad person.

How-to: Help a Friend Who Got a DWI Charge: Be Encouraging


Encourage your friend to be proactive with their DWI charge. Being proactive could show a judge that your friend is serious about not getting another DWI in the future. Ways they could be proactive would be to attend AA meetings. Also, you could always go with them to be supportive, if possible. Encourage them to take an alcohol awareness class or seek treatment as well.

While you can encourage them, do not enable them. The best way to ensure that they do not drink and drive again is to let them learn from it. This means that they need to take responsibility for their actions and face their penalties. For example, they need to pay all of the associated fines and face their own consequences. In fact, you jumping in to save the day will not help them to learn anything. While you can be there for them, they need to learn the consequences and dangers of drinking and driving for themself.


Your friend who got a DWI charge will likely be going through some tough days. Do your best to be supportive and listen if they need someone to talk to. For instance, they may be too embarrassed or afraid to talk to many people about what they went through or are going through. Be a good, trustworthy friend and be there for your friend. Keep their private things private, as they are not going to want you to tell everyone what they confided in you.

While you do not want to let your friend take advantage of you or run all over you, it is a good idea to help a friend who got a DWI charge. You can be there in different ways like listening to them and being encouraging to them.