If you face an injury on your friends’ property, you might find yourself in an awkward situation. After all, you didn’t mean to get injured, especially at your friends’ house. But, accidents do happen, as they say. So, what can you do when your health is at stake, you need medical attention, but you also want to do right by your friend? This situation is tricky, but we’re here to help…

Injury on Friends’ Property? How-to save your friendship, your wallet, and your health

Seeking medical attention

First things first, you need to decide whether or not you need medical attention. If you’re experiencing a lot of pain, or a visible injury, you might want to see a doctor as soon as possible. But, even if you don’t experience one of these two factors, but still feel like something isn’t quite right, go to a doctor and have them check it out. By doing this, you can get a gauge on your injury and decide who is responsible for the injury.

Homeowner’s insurance

If you decide that your friend, or the condition of that friends’ property, is at-fault for your injury— that’s where homeowner’s insurance comes in. Your friends’ homeowner’s insurance can cover the cost of accidents on the property. As for you? It is technically not your responsibility to cover the cost of an injury that isn’t your fault. While you are aware of this, it can be difficult to ask a friend to compensate for an injury. No one likes to talk money with their friends, but in the event of injury— it can be necessary.

Talking to your friend

One of the most difficult aspects of dealing with an injury on your friends’ property, is coming to them and asking that they compensate for the injury. This could lead your friend to feel betrayed, or that you’re doing this for personal gain. However, you must make them understand that you only need their homeowner’s insurance to cover medical costs. While this might be a difficult conversation to have, and an awkward one at that, it is absolutely necessary when facing injury. Remember that you are not targeting their personal funds, but merely expecting their insurance to assist with cost.

Receiving Assistance

As much as you may not want to handle this situation with your friend, your expenses may demand it. The cost of treating your injuries may become expensive, and affect your livelihood. In that instance, that homeowner’s insurance is not only important, but completely necessary. If you run into the scenario where your friend might not want to help at all, you might have to consult with an attorney. While we hope our friends would do what they can to help, in some cases, that might not be the case. So, we offer our services if you unfortunately might need them. Lastly, we offer our condolences for your lost friendship and injury.