Getting home from the bar safely is an important consideration if you plan to have a night of drinking. Drinking and driving can land you in a world of trouble legally and financially. Not to mention the pain if you were to get into a wreck and hurt someone. It’s best to have a plan before you head to the bar. Assign one friend to be the designated driver, or plan to catch a cab. You can also take public transportation which is often cheaper than a cab. And finally, if you’re in a pickle, call a friend and ask for a ride home. Nothing is worth the risk of getting behind the wheel when you’ve been drinking.

Getting Home from the Bar Safely: Avoiding a DWI

Plan a Designated Driver

One way of getting home from the bar safely is to make a plan before you even leave. If you know that you and your friends will be drinking too much to drive, assign a designated driver. A DD will need to stay sober for the entire night so that they can safely transport everybody home. You and your friends can rotate who the DD is each time you go out partying to make it fair for everybody.

Get a Cab

Another way to plan on getting home from the bar safely is to catch a cab. There are plenty of apps these days where you can hail a ride from a service like Uber or Lyft. Unless you are in a very remote town, you should be able to hail a ride from one of these services.

Public Transport

Public transport sometimes gets overlooked when getting home from the bar. But it is often cheaper than hiring a ride service or cab. Before you head out, see if there are any bus stops, trains, light rails, or subways that take you where you want to go. Make sure and check the schedules before leaving so you know when the last route of the day will happen.

Phone a Friend

Finally, if you’re attempting to get home from the bar safely and have run out of money or options, phone a friend. When you’re in a bind, you can ask a close friend or family member to come and pick you up. They’ll want to help you avoid the dangers of drinking and driving. So even if they are annoyed, they will probably respect you for not getting behind the wheel. If you are in an unfamiliar place, ask a bartender for help. They may be able to assist you.

The dangers of drinking and driving far outweigh the benefits of saving money on cab fare. It’s never worth it to risk a DWI or drunk driving accident. If you need help getting home from the bar safely, try to make a plan before you even leave the house. Assign a friend to be the DD for the evening. You can also download a ride service app on your phone or hire a cab. Public transport and simply walking home are options if you live in certain areas as well. And finally, if you’re really in a bind, call a friend or family member to pick you up. It’s always best to have a plan for getting back home before you ever leave your home in the first place. Knowing how you’ll safely get home will make your night less stressful.