A car collision took place last Thursday evening, where two Fort Mill motorists were travelling in the opposite direction and hit each other ” head-on.” Due to the accident, the Fort Mill police and fire departments had to block off Springfield Parkway, near Merritt Road to investigate the collision.  The accident involved a 22-year-old man from Lancaster, and a 33-year-old man from Indian Land.

It has been reported that both vehicles were “sedan-type” vehicles that both had to be towed. The two drivers were driving on opposite sides of the road, and somehow, one of the cars passed over the double-yellow line into the other lane. It was at that moment the two cars collided. One of the drivers is reported to of suffered a head injury, while the other is suffering from a leg injury. It has not yet been determined whether or not the injuries are life-threatening, however, the accident was severe enough that both drivers were transported via helicopter instead of by ambulance.

The Fort Mill Head Injury Attorneys

I, like many of you reading this blog, am a fellow Fort Mill resident, and travel Springfield Parkway on my way to work everyday. It is a tragedy to know that two individuals have suffered injuries due to the a collision on one of our highly traveled roads. There are three different schools located on this road. There are stretches of this particular road that are not too well-lit. In fact, at times even I am frightened to travel that road at night.

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