If you’re facing an injury of some sort, whether it be related to work or play, the injury recovery process can be difficult. After all, it might require time off work, exercise, and a good amount of rest and relaxation. For some, the down time is a dream come true and for others it’s a nightmare. But when you throw COVID into the mix? Injury recovery during COVID requires special consideration for a few different reasons. But what are they? In many ways, things will remain the same but in others they will not…

Injury Recovery During COVID: How it’s Different 

Less help

When recovering from an injury, you often have limited mobility in some way. Whether your leg is hurt, your arm, your head, or even your toe— it might be hard for you to go about your day normally. In normal circumstances, you might call your mom or dad or best friend and ask them to come lend a hand during the day or stay for a few. 

But, with quarantine, you might worry about getting sick or getting others sick. Injury recovery during COVID might lead you to go at the process alone. If this is impossible in your state, consider asking someone to take a COVID test and then come spend the week with you. Or, maybe find someone who is able to quarantine with you, especially if you have doctor’s appointments that you’ll need a ride to. Which brings me to the two other difficulties you might face…

Physical Therapy 

With a virus that seemingly won’t go away, getting the assistance you need to heal to 100% might be difficult. There might be fewer session available, lower capacity, or you might just not be able to meet with a PT at all. Injury recovery during COVID might look a bit more like virtual sessions, printouts to follow, or sent home equipment. Either way, it’s important to stay committed to the plan put forth for you. The goal is getting back to 100% and to your normal life, which starts with committing to your recovery plan. 

Catching a ride 

Another difficulty that COVID has brought along is getting home safely when you can’t drive! Uber and Lyft have been at a lowered capacity. It seems like catching a ride can take upwards of 20 minutes— if you can catch it at all. This can be challenging when you are unable to drive, especially when you don’t have extra help like we mentioned above. You have errands to run, places to be, and maybe a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. When catching a ride is getting in the way of your injury recovery during COVID— it can be helpful to have a backup plan. Then, backup your backup plan. Times are tough but getting through them is not impossible. We wish you luck and a quick healing process. Call if you need us.