Under South Carolina state law, in order for a driver to obtain a license, either for his first time or for a renewal, he must first certify to the South Carolina Department of Transportation that he has also obtained an automobile liability insurance policy.

You can do so by filling out Form 4477-NC or Form 447-CDL, depending on which type of license you are attempting to obtain. PleasInsurance Attorneye see the SCDOT website to download these forms.

If you don’t own your own vehicle, but still use one for work purposes, you still need to obtain automobile insurance for yourself “personally” to drive others vehicles. This is obviously referred to as “personal automobile liability insurance.” This too can be found on the SCDOT website along with the aforementioned forms.

At any time, an owner may be required to provide proof that the vehicle that they are using is insured. Think about it. The very first time you register your vehicle in SC, or if you renew your registration, you must provide the name of your insurance company to the South Carolina DMV. Thereafter, the SCDMV will verify that you actually do have coverage. If they can not verify that you have insurance, than you may either have your license suspended, revoked, or not receive one at all if it is your first attempt for obtaining a driver’s license.

There are other situations you mind find yourself in where you may be required to show proof of insurance; specifically, when you are stopped by an officer of the law. We have all heard cops ask for ” license and registration please,” upon getting pulled over. If you do not have your registration on you, you may be cited, fined, or even imprisoned.

In the event you are pulled over by an SC officer, and you do not have your registration card on you, then you have 30 days to provide proof of insurance to avoid any further suspension.

Moreover, if you are a new resident in SC, make sure to have your address and license changed with the appropriate authorities within 90 days of residency in the state. If you do not follow this protocol and get pulled over with a South Carolina permanent residency on your insurance card, yet your license is from another state, this could result in a fine and citation as well.

If you have had an incident with being pulled over, and received a hefty fine or citation for not having your driver’s license or proof of insurance on you, then contact the law offices of Reeves, Aiken, and Hightower, LLP toll-free at 877-374-5999 for more information.