A York County, SC man was charged on Saturday with obstruction of justice, unlawful possession of a blank prescription, resisting arrest, disregarding a stop sign, driving under suspension and possession of Schedule I, II, or III drugs according to a Fort Mill police report.  When the officers attempted to stop the man, he fled his vehicle and, as the report states, attempted to swallow a bag of oxycodone pills.  The police used a stun-gun on the man, as they were attempting to put handcuffs on him.

The police report states that they found chewed up pills around the man, a wallet with about $200 cash, syringes, two plastic caps with blue residue, a notebook and a plastic ID case.  Officers report that they initially stopped him because he ran through a stop sign.  They later realized he had a suspended driver’s license.  When they stopped the man, he fled from the vehicle and reportedly attempted to swallow a bag of pills.  This is the second arrest in the Fort Mill area with regard to oxycodone.  A Cleveland, Ohio man was arrested on Interstate 77, near exit 89 and charged with possession of 56 oxycodone pills and six grams of marijuana.

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