A York County, South Carolina man, who was charged with drinking alcohol and using marijuana before driving his girlfriend’s car, caused Car Accident Attorneyan accident that resulted in her death.  He was recently sentenced to spend eight years in state prison.  The man was charged with felony driving under the influence resulting in death, two counts of driving under the influence resulting in great bodily injury, and driving under the influence.   He faced a maximum of 55 years in prison, of which he only received eight during sentencing.

The incident occurred last year, after friends were helping the 18-year-old female victim move in with the offender in question.  The group allegedly drank alcohol and smoked marijuana.  Thereafter, they all decided to go to an area of Blacksburg that was rumored to be “haunted.”  However, on their way back to York County, the man, who was found to be driving well over the posted speed limit, sped around a curve, and swerved into the left side of the road.  Then, according to the York County Solicitor, the man over-corrected, slammed into five trees, and two of the kids were thrown from the car.  At this point, the car was standing up-right.

All four people in the vehicle were taken to the hospital, where the critically injured girlfriend died shortly thereafter.  Police charged the man when he was discharged from the hospital.  The man’s sentence requires him to attend substance abuse and vocational counseling and to pay the families restitution of the injured.   The parents of the woman asked the judge to give the man alcohol and drug counseling.  Also, his license had been suspended two weeks before the crash, which adds a driving while license is revoked charge.

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