It’s not uncommon for us to go out with friends or family for a meal and perhaps decide to enjoy a drink.  HowDUI Attorneyever if you are driving it is important to drink responsibility and know when to stop so you can drive home safely.  But how do you know how many drinks are too many to not put you over the legal limit of .08%?

Generally people know what their limit before they are too intoxicated, but some people may feel like they are not intoxicated and yet still be over the legal BAC limit to operate a vehicle.

Your Blood Alcohol Content Level (or BAC) is based upon the amount of alcohol that is resent in our bloodstream while you are enjoying your cold libation. Scientifically speaking, it is calculated by determining the milligrams of alcohol that are present in a portion of your blood.

There are many general guidelines for both men and women based on weight as to how many drinks per hour it takes to reach a certain BAC level that can be found easily on the internet. While this is a good general guideline, the level may vary depending on the particular person, so it is not an absolute science.  Other than having a portable breathalyzer to test yourself, looking at a drink/size ration chart may be a good way to estimate how many drinks might be too many before going above the legal limit.  The best advice is always not to drink and drive.  If you feel that you may be too intoxicated to drive then the best bet is to get a ride home.

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