Two men have been accused of conducting a dog fighting operation that is according to authorities one of the biggest in Charlotte, NC.

According to police, they received information from an informant that alerted them to a possible fighting arena at a residence in the 7800 block of Carelock Circle in East Charlotte Friday.  While waiting to obtain a search warrant from a judge, officers used an aerial unit to secure the premises from above.

When officers on ground arrived on scene, the officers stated they saw several dogs tied with chains and with visible scars and flesh markings.  The officers removed the dogs and they are now under care with Animal Control in West Charlotte.

dog fight

One man charged has stated he only keeps the dogs around as pets.  The man said that he has family members who keep the dogs as pets.  According to a police report, authorities said they found certain items such as sticks to pry dog mouths open and dog vitamins and supplements.  The man said he uses those vitamins to keep the dogs healthy and would be no different than himself taking vitamins to enhance energy and we

The man states he wants to clear his name and thinks that authorities may be rushing to conclusions because he enjoys breeding pit bulls.  Neighbors stated they always heard dogs barking, but never assumed their neighbors were engaging in criminal activity.  The men are due back for another court appearance on March 1.ll-being.

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