A Gastonia, North Carolina man has been charged with DUI while driving a moped, according to Gastonia Police.  The man allegedly ran a red light, while driving in the wrong lane.  When the man stepped off his moped to speak with the officer, it is reported that he had difficulty standing and the officer could detect a strong odor of alcohol.  The man would not submit to the breath-test; however, he was forced to give a blood sample by the police. 

The man is being charged with DWI which is his eighth DWI charge.  His charges occurred more than ten years ago, which is a plus for him; however, the prosecutor mFort Mill Attorneyay still attempt to use these charges against him.  Further, one who is suspected of driving while intoxicated cannot be forced to take a breathalyzer test.  The problem is that if the person refuses to give such a test, this will result in an automatic license suspension for 30 days, and the DMV may up to as much as one year.    

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