Riding a motorcycle can be an invigorating experience. However, when motorcycle crashes occur, that experience can quickly become dangerous and deadly. After all, mistakes and accidents can always happen. But, when you’re aware of the dangers around you, you might be able to take precautionary measures that might reduce your risk. That’s just what we’re here to do…

Motorcycle Crashes: Common Causes

Lane Splitting

Maybe you’re stuck behind a slow driver on either side. You have plans and places to be. So, you decide to ride the line and split the lane. However, in lane splitting, you put yourself at a high risk of danger. When you cross into this area, you are quite often in the blind spot of the vehicles around you. Therefore, when they don’t take the time to check those blind spots before merging, you are at risk of a motorcycle crash.

Driving Under the Influence

This one typically goes without saying, but it’s absolutely worth the mention. Motorcycle crashes involving alcohol-impaired drivers made up a full third of all fatal bike accidents according to the NHTSA. Riding drunk, just like driving drunk, puts you at major risk of DUI, injury, and even death. While these factors are well-known to most drivers, the danger is that much more when you’re riding a motorcycle and more susceptible to the elements and roadway issues.


Speeding is one of the top 3 causes of motorcycle crashes. We understand that feeling. Wind in your face, the open road, and that freeing feeling of flying down the roadway. However, the higher rate of speed, the higher rate of impact. While this is true of any vehicle, it is especially true of motorcycles. As we mentioned previously, you have less protections in place on a motorcycle versus a passenger vehicle.

Car Doors

This one might come as a shock, but car doors can actually lead to a hearty list of injuries when it comes to motorcycle crashes. Think of this scenario: You are driving down a two way street in a neighborhood or metropolitan area. There are cars parked on the side of the roadway which you aren’t giving too much of your attention. Next thing you know, someone whips open their car door and you go barreling into it. Alternatively, maybe you swerve to miss it.

In either scenario, you have the high possibility of sustaining serious injuries. In one, you slam into the car door at a decent rate of speed. There is broken glass, you’ve flown through the air, and potentially landed in traffic. In the other scenario, you might have swerved into another vehicle, fallen into oncoming traffic, or laid your bike down. No matter the specific situation, motorcycle crashes are likely to happen.