Motorcycles are fun and enjoyable. They can double in fun and enjoyment with a passenger in tow. However, adding motorcycle passengers can be dangerous if the passenger does not properly handle the ride. Are you joining someone on a ride for the first time? Here are some tips to make a smooth ride for you and the rider.

Motorcycle Passengers: Useful Tips

Getting On and Off

For starters, motorcycle passengers are just that: passengers. Make sure the rider is on the bike first and ready for you to join. The rider should be stable with both feet on the ground. Use the footpegs to help. When getting off, make sure the rider knows your plans to do so! The change in weight can cause a rider to drop their bike.

Speaking of Footpegs

Use them! Using the footpegs will keep your weight distributed between the pegs and the seat. This will make for a smoother, more stable ride. Also, remember you should never put your feet on the ground during a ride.

Motorcycle passengers should use the footpegs during the duration of the ride to maintain their safety. Additionally, there are hot exhaust pipes near the passenger seats of motorcycles. Using the footpegs will help you avoid touching those.

Proper Outfit

Safety-wise, wearing clothing that will cover and protect your skin is the best bet. Prepare yourself with proper safety equipment, such as a helmet, before going on a ride. But motorcycle passengers also have to watch out for their shoes. Untied shoelaces (and other loose pieces of clothing) can get caught on the chain or belt of the back of the bike. Ensure that nothing is hanging so nothing gets caught! 

Lean With It

Some advice for handling motorcycles is “lean into the turn”. Motorcycle passengers shouldn’t lean too much, however. Leaning too much or unexpectedly can make it difficult for the rider to control the bike. Some advice for this is: look over the rider’s shoulder in the direction you are turning.

Lastly, and most importantly, operating a motorcycle is fun, as is being a passenger. Remember those motorcycle passengers have a responsibility to themselves and the rider to help create a safe riding environment. Have a fun and safe ride!