No matter your case, an attorney is an asset to your team. However, what happens when your attorney isn’t meeting your needs? If you feel ill-informed, out-of-the-loop, or as if you’re begging for their time and attention— then your attorney might not be right for you. But, how do you make the determination that you need new representation? And how do I pick an attorney who is going to give me the peace of mind and information that I’m looking for? 

Need New Representation? When your Attorney isn’t a Good Fit… 

Are your questions being answered? 

The biggest question is this: are you getting the peace of mind you need to carry on through this process and feel confident? If your answer to this is ‘no’, then you might need a new representation. An attorney is there to answer your questions quickly, provide you with clarity, and help you to understand what it is that your end goal is— and how you’re going to get there. Every case is different and will move at a different pace. However, your attorney should have the ability to answer your questions quickly and easily. 

Are you up-to-date and informed? 

Have you gone weeks without an update on your case, or are you have to chase down your attorney to get some information? If so, new representation might be worth considering. Your case is important to you— no matter nature. Whether a divorce, personal injury case, motorcycle accident… Whatever it may be, you want to know what’s going on. So, if you find yourself answering “I don’t know”, to the question of how things are going, you might consider sitting down with another attorney for a consultation. After all, you are more than free to explore your options. 

Are your needs being explored? 

What you want exactly might be difficult to obtain, such as full compensation or a high spousal support settlement. However, it is your attorney’s job to explore your wants and needs. Keep in mind that you are hiring an attorney to do a job for you. You most certainly value their opinion, expertise, and predictions. But, your representation also has a responsibility to work for you, and what you want. However, keep in mind that what you want is not always what you will get…  

Seeking out new representation can be scary. Especially if you are a little further into the case itself. But, don’t let the idea of a difficult transition keep you from getting what you deserve out of the court case…