If you’re new to the discipline of truck driving, you have plenty to learn as you go. Life might be different now, and getting out on the road has it’s own set of challenges. Ultimately, everything besides how to drive and your route— is pretty learn as you go. But luckily, a great set of drivers has put together a list to help. Following, you’ll find a set of new truck driver tips. From who to befriend, how to eat, and what’s so rewarding about being a truck driver. You have a lot to learn, but we hope with this— you’ll be a little ahead of the curve.

New Truck Driver Tips: Getting Ahead of the Curve

Make your own food, diet plans, and exercise regimen

This is one of the most difficult parts about getting on the road for the first time. Many drivers don’t think about creating a regimen for themselves, but doing so can go a long way. Think about it, you’re going from a (presumably) somewhat active lifestyle, to sitting on your butt for days at a time.

So, keep it light on the carbs most of the time and make sure you’re getting up and about to stretch your legs and get a little exercise. 15 minutes a day, at minimum, is a good rule of thumb. One suggestion we ran into too, was to keep a crockpot handy. You can pull together some meat, veggies, or whatever you please, and put it into an oven-safe roasting bag— put that into a crockpot, and add a little hot water. Easy as that, with time, you should have a hot and ready meal that isn’t as heavy as your typical fast food.

Be timely

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not being on time. Ultimately, doing so will make sure that the carrier is happy, you continue to get loads, and everyone is meeting their marks. Remember that you are a link in the chain, and your failure to deliver in a timely matter can effect every other one of those links. So, call ahead— keep the customer and your carrier in the loop, and you’ll continue to be a strong asset to the team. Plus, being a dependable part of the team— could get you the better, more critical jobs that pay better.

Make friends of dispatchers

It’s important to understand that your dispatchers are the glue that holds you and your jobs together. Making a friend of them could ultimately affect your paycheck. They schedule the loads, deliveries, and ultimately, you. So, treat them well and get to know them. While they have a job to do, and they will do it— if they know your face and name they might be a bit more likely to put you on a good route than another nameless, faceless (to them, obviously) employee. Treat them like people, instead of a link in your chain of command. I guarantee, you’ll make out better for it.

We could go on all day with these new truck driver tips, but ultimately— much is learn as you go. So, follow these bits of advice, learn along the way, and pass on your tricks of the trade! Being a trucker has a ton of advantages that many overlook because the job seems trying— and it is. But, the payoff and job security is second to none. We wish you luck in your newest career endeavor!