Taser International Inc. has been ordered to pay $10 million to the Charlotte family of a teenager who died after being shocked by a Charlotte police officer.

The jury in a federal court retured the verdict for the wrongful death of 17-year-old Darryl Turner,  the teen who collapsed and died on the floor of a Food Lion store in northeast Charlotte in March 2008.  The teen was arguing with his manager when the policeman used the taser on the teen, striking him in the chest.   The teenager went into cardiac arrest.

Lawyers representing the family of the deceased teenager convinced jury members that the manufacturer knew, but failed to warn customers that the product could cause heart problems if administered near the heart.  The attorneys for Taser International, on the other hand, were not as convincing when they argued that the teen had heart problems that contributed to his death.

Charlotte Wrongful Death Attorneys

A “taser” is a weapon that shoots dart-like electrodes that are attached with twine at a victim, causing electrical current to stun the individual into submission.  Although this alternative to deadly weapons has gained popularity over the years,  serious injury and death cases have been reported from the use of tasers by law enforcement officers.

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