Because pothole motorcycle accident remains a serious risk for motorcyclists, we explore how to avoid them here. However, bikers cannot always see them until it’s too late. Unlike a car where only physical damage occurs, potholes can cause serious injury in motorcycle accidents.

pothole motorcycle accidentPothole Motorcycle Accident

While the best part of riding, bikers don’t ride at high speeds at all times. For one, the road a biker is riding on may have a high speed limit. In some cases, potholes exist on interstates and busy roads. A car or truck, for example, will run over a pothole with no problem. Regular cars can dip in and out of a pothole with little to no problem. In the worst case scenario, a car may end up with a flat tire. On the other hand, a pothole can cause the wheel of a motorcycle to get stuck. If this happens the motorcyclist can lose his or her balance or even fly off of the bike.

While many people believe motorcyclists drive recklessly, they only remember the “hot dogs” on the road. However, this is actually not the case as most motorcyclists drive quite defensively. Why? Because they know the risks of serious injury or death. As a result, bikers watch out for their safety and are hyper focused when riding. Nevertheless, motorcyclists cannot depend on other vehicles to treat them with common courtesy. In addition, the dangers of potholes remain a constant threat to biker safety.

Motorcyclists Have to be Safe or Die

If a biker suddenly cuts off another car to avoid a pothole, they are trying to avoid catastrophe. Hence, if a biker hits a pothole at high speeds, it can kill them. As a result, bikers must always keep a sharp eye for potholes. In addition, this is just one of the dangers bikers face every time they are on the road. Consequently, they are some of the most safety conscious drivers because their lives depend on it.