Criminal defense is different from civil. In a civil lawsuit, it’s about money. But in criminal defense, it’s about your freedom and avoiding a permanent criminal record. First, our defense attorneys focus primarily on DUI, DUAC and felony DUI arrests. Here in York County, we defend cases in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Tega Cay, Indian Land, and Lancaster. In addition, we practice statewide throughout South Carolina and also in Charlotte, North Carolina. Regardless of your charge, our criminal defense attorneys can help. When you need us, we will be there. Call now.


Because we are honored you are considering our firm, here is more information about us. While our lawyers have varied backgrounds and experience, our approach is the same in every case. First, our lawyers carefully and thoroughly review all evidence. Then, we evaluate and develop an individual strategy for your particular case. Then we sit down and personally review your options with you. Finally, after we have answered all of your questions, you are able to decide what is best for you and your family. While we will guide you and make recommendations, you are in charge. Of course. It’s your case. We work for you.


Robert J. Reeves focuses on DUI and DWI cases in both South Carolina and North Carolina. As a result, Mr. Reeves writes considerably on DUI defense strategy, including eBooks for both SC and NC. In addition, he has over 27 years litigation experience and is not afraid to try cases. While we try to resolve cases by agreement, you have to be willing to fight in court if necessary. And our lawyers are.

Tom Holland is a former South Carolina prosecutor who has over 20 years legal experience. Although Mr. Holland primarily practices family law, he is available when needed. In addition to practicing law, Mr. Holland teaches criminal law at the University of South Carolina in Lancaster. As he lives there, he defends DUI cases from Indian Land and Lancaster.

Zac Fry is also a former South Carolina prosecutor. After clerking for a Circuit Court Judge, Mr. Fry began his career prosecuting DUI charges. Consequently, he learned what it takes to convict. Now, he applies those skills to aggressively defend DUI, DUAC, and felony DUI cases. From his prosecutor training, he now more easily identifies weaknesses and legal errors made during DUI arrests.

Anthony Wayne is licensed in North Carolina and works in our firm’s Charlotte office. Mr. Wayne focuses his legal practice exclusively to DWI and related DMV matters in Mecklenburg and Union County. Because we represent clients in both states, Mr. Wayne frequently deals with DMV issues in NC. For example, you live in SC but need a limited driving privilege in NC. Not to worry. Mr. Wayne can help. Also, you don’t need to hire two law firms. We take care of everything in one place.


Our criminal defense lawyers handle all State Court cases, including Magistrate Court and General Sessions in SC. In addition, we handle DWI cases in both District and Superior Courts in NC.

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After you have compared our credentials and experience, we would welcome an opportunity to sit down and personally review your case. At a minimum, you should meet with us for a confidential, private consultation. You are going to feel better about your options after we talk. We promise. Call now and let’s get started on your criminal defense. After all, this is what we do.

*Membership in professional legal organizations shows our firm’s commitment to criminal defense. We want to be the best we can be and work very hard for our clients.

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