In this age of high fuel and maintenance costs, most large trucking companies have invested in satellite tracking systems in order to improve their overall operational efficiency. Truck drivers can now look a a large computer screen and closely monitor what route they need to follow for the quickest route with the least fuel used. In fact, some companies even punish drivers who “miss a turn” and deduct the resulting fuel costs from their pay. Of course, these screens also serve to distract truck drivers on the road and have actually caused accidents while in the pursuit of fuel savings. One popular brand of such equipment is Qualcomm. These systems can be configured with a number of important functions including GPS location check points, speed reports, and even emails in the cab.

Obviously, these tracking systems were developed and are now implemented for the trucking companies. However, the information available to the company is also a treasure trove for investigators trying to determine what happened in a serious accident. This data can also be used to compare testimony by drivers and company officials to see if what they are saying is true. And in those truly catastrophic accidents where no one is left alive to tell what happened, this source of data in conjunction with an experienced reconstruction specialist can recreate the details otherwise lost forever. At a minimum, the families of the victims will be able to get answers to what occurred and who is responsible.

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