When getting ready for your bartending shift, you might pull out your makeup, uniform, and those trusty non-slip shoes. While being uniformed is absolutely a requirement of the job, there are also a few other steps you might consider taking to keep your body in check. Bartending can be a pretty physically demanding job to have; you’re on your feet, moving around, and maybe lifting heavy objects from time to time. Not to mention, the hours can be pretty long. For these reasons, among many others, we highly suggest a pre-shift stretching session to help limber you up and ward off some of those unwanted lower back pains that come later in the evening. 

Pre-Shift Stretching: Bartending Essentials 

Preparing for physical activity 

It’s just work. Therefore, many of us prepare for it by throwing on clothes and walking out the door. However, your job is pretty physical. From lifting kegs, to mopping floors, and tending to twenty patrons at a time. In short: you’re the savior of every bar-goers Friday or Saturday night. Bartending is athletic performance, and a pre-shift stretching session will help you prepare for such. Loosen those muscles, get them warm, and improve your range of motion before you take on that 14-hour shift. 

Tend to those problem areas 

If you’ve ever bartended a day in your life, you can probably point out the areas which hurt most at the end of it all. From the soles of your feet, to your lower back, hips, neck, and so forth… When you do your pre-shift stretching, target those areas specifically with certain stretches and yoga poses. While targeting those specific areas is important, a full body stretch is never a bad idea. 

Mind your body when it needs rest 

We live in a society that pushes the idea of pushing your limits. Not to mention, a majority of bar and restaurant culture operates on the idea that being able to work your shift is more important than mental and physical health. In times of crisis, such as a winter storm or an injury of some sort, you might feel guilty (or even incapable) when it comes to calling out or getting your shift picked up. Pre-shift stretching won’t necessarily keep you from getting a cold, especially after a long few days behind the bar. However, the idea we are stressing here is self-care. Minding the needs of your mind and body is important in any profession. 

Self-care in any profession… 

If you find yourself injured on the job for any reason, please feel free to give us a call. We can discuss your case, your healing process, and any benefit you might be entitled to. Your body, and healing process, is important to long-term health. Don’t let it go unnoticed.