Saying that GPS has made driving easier is a huge understatement. With GPS apps on phones, truck drivers can go on longer trips faster and more accurately. However, many drivers are unaware of proper GPS usage. Knowing the right way to use GPS can help you get the most out of this great driving aid…

Proper GPS Usage: Traveling Safely​

Keep it at eye-level

GPS is more convenient than ever these days with GPS apps on smartphones. However, these apps come with a risk of drivers constantly glancing at their phones. This takes their eyes off the road, and could lead to potential accidents. That’s why it’s important to keep your GPS at eye-level while driving. Using a phone mount can let you keep your phone GPS up and keep your eyes on the road. Proper GPS usage means you make sure you use it responsibly.

Understand how they operate

It’s always a good idea to know how your GPS works before you head out on the road. Many are designed to be user-friendly, but proper GPS usage means knowing all the features they have to offer. This is especially important in making them safer to use as well. A feature that many GPS apps and devices have is voice navigation. Having your device read out where you need to go can help you stay more focused on the road. Additionally, make sure that it recognizes the address you put in as the correct one before you begin driving!

Use common sense

The GPS is a great tool, but it isn’t perfect. Like all technology, it might have moments where it doesn’t work like it should. In these situations, it’s important to rely to your senses. Remember to obey the traffic signs around you. Many people turn the wrong way onto one-way streets just because their GPS said so! If you think you’re going the wrong way, or your GPS is losing signal, it’s good to stop at somewhere like a gas station and ask for more reliable directions. GPS is a handy tool, but like all tools, you have to use it properly. Proper GPS usage means knowing how to use your device safely and accurately. It also means knowing what to do when things go wrong.