Restaurants can have many hazards for employees. From waiters and busboys and kitchen staff and chefs, there are many ways to get hurt. If you work in a restaurant, you have to be careful so that you do not get into an accident at work. Restaurant staff safety is something that all restaurants should ensure.

How-to Ensure Restaurant Staff Safety: Safe at Work


Being a waitress or waiter has its risks. Restaurant floors can be slick, so make sure to wear appropriate shoes. Comfortable, non-slip shoes are a good option. This could keep you from falling. A way to help ensure restaurant staff safety is to make sure floors are not wet or slippery. Non-skid floor mats can help prevent someone from slipping and falling. Placing mirrors on blind corners can lower the risk of employees running into each other in a busy kitchen and work environment. Another risk that waitstaff face is walking with heavy trays full of food or drinks. These trays could actually block the view while the person carrying it is walking, not to mention strain put on your body. The heavy tray could actually fall and hit the employee or someone else on the head.

Kitchen Staff

The kitchen staff is around many dangerous things while working. For example, they work with very sharp knives. There will also be very hot objects like stoves, deep fryers, and ovens. This increases the risk for burns. Knives and sharp tools should be in good condition and also sharp. An important part of ensuring restaurant staff safety is to make sure that employees are all trained on the equipment. They should also know how to properly handle and store sharp objects.

Since restaurants are usually very fast-paced work environments, they are at higher risk for accidents to occur. As an owner or manager, do not over-expect and push workers to go faster than they should. If someone feels rushed, they are more likely to make a mistake. This is when an accident is more likely to occur.

As you can see, there are many hazards that can come along with working in a restaurant. By wearing the appropriate attire, not rushing, and being properly trained, there is a lower chance of an employee injury and a higher chance of restaurant staff safety.