Riding electric scooters has become very popular in recent years. However, they can become a hazard on the road if riders are not practicing safe driving skills. It’s important to remember that you’re still on a road with other traffic moving quickly. Injuries can still happen and be quite dangerous. Always wear a helmet to protect your head in case of a crash. In addition, never ride while under the influence of alcohol. Stay focused while riding and be a good defensive driver. By keeping all of these tips in mind, you can keep yourself safer on the road on an electric scooter. You can also help protect other drivers and pedestrians around you.

Safety Tips for Riding Electric Scooters: Keep Yourself and Others Safe

Wear a Helmet

While it may not seem like the most fashionable accessory, a helmet is very important when riding electric scooters. Studies have shown that almost half of all injuries from scooters are head injuries. Concussions and brain damage can easily happen if you’re in an accident and don’t have a helmet. Make sure that your helmet properly fits your head as well and fasten it every time you ride.

Only Ride Sober

Another important safety tip for riding electric scooters is to never ride while under the influence of alcohol. You can even be charged with a DUI or DWI if you get caught driving drunk. It may seem like a good solution to scooter home from the bar when you’re too drunk to drive a car. But the truth is that if you’re sharing the road with other cars or pedestrians, you can be in as much danger on a scooter. You’re more likely to make sudden erratic movements when intoxicated, which can lead to accidents.

Stay Focused While Riding

It’s important to always stay focused while riding electric scooters. Never listen to music on headphones while driving one. It’s important to be able to hear the road noises around you. That way, you’ll be able to hear if a car is trying to signal you with a horn. Never ride with headphones on. In addition, it’s never safe to drive a scooter while texting on your phone. In fact, it’s best not to even be distracted by phone calls while riding.

Be a Good Defensive Driver

Finally, riding electric scooters relies on your being a good defensive driver. Just like driving a car, driving a scooter means that you need to anticipate the moves of other drivers on the road. Don’t assume that cars know how to navigate around you or know exactly where you should be riding. In addition, never dart on in front of cars. Making sudden movements can be more likely to result in an accident. And of course, always watch for traffic and pedestrians before turning onto a street.

Riding electric scooters can be a fun and economical way to get around your city. In addition, they might be better for the environment. However, it’s important to remember that you still are driving on a public road with other cars and pedestrians. You still need to follow the rules of the road as well as practice good defensive driving skills. Make sure you aren’t intoxicated or distracted while driving. And finally, always wear a helmet to protect your head in case of a collision. By being aware of safety tips for electric scooters you’ll keep yourself, pedestrians, and cars around you safer on the road.