A Rock Hill man and woman are facing multiple drug charges and endangerment of a child charge after both were found in a residence Wednesday with a large amount of heroin and pills around a 1-year old, according to a report. Another man was arrested at the same residence the next day on possession of heroin and possession of pills.

Authorities were responding to a call from the residence on an overdose charge.  According to a report with the York County Sheriff’s office, the man arrested at the residence on the first day had been selling prescription pills and heroin to the woman and the man arrested the second day.  The man arrested the second day had overdosed at the time of his arrest and was taken to the hospital.

When the authorities discovered the needles and pills, they also discovered the man and woman’s 1-year old son, whom they deemed to be neglected at the time.  Both were charged with child endangerment along with possession charges.

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