rock hill-old townA tractor-trailer lost its bearings and ran off the road and struck a utility pole last Wednesday night, right outside of Rock Hill on S.C. 5.

The collision resulted in knocking out multiple traffic lights, slowing traffic to a complete halt.Specifically, the intersection at  S.C. 5 and Herlong Avenue were affected by the outage.

Rock Hill’s Police and Fire Department rushed to the scene of the accident to mitigate the damage. Crews worked non-stop to restore the power to the traffic lights, and clean up the mess the accident created for other drivers.

According to the police reports, the tractor-trailer driver stated that he made a spilt-decision maneuver when he crashed the truck into the utility pole to avoid hitting another vehicle that had just cut him off. He said he thought he would eb better to damage the truck, then to damage a person.

Thus, the driver of the tractor-trailer will not be listed as the “at-fault” driver.

No one suffered any injury due to the accident and no one had to be taken to the hospital.

It took the police about two hours to get the traffic cleared and redirected. Afterwards, traffic was moving smoothly as though nothing had happened.

All too often over-correcting forces drivers into the path of oncoming vehicles or propels them off the other side of the road.  Many times, the over-correcting is a result of losing control of the vehicle due to distractions like texting while driving. Drivers should always remain vigilant about safety and pay attention while driving.

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