Rollover accidents can be very dangerous and are incredibly scary. Every year, thousands of accidents occur with rollovers. And many of them cause serious injuries. It’s important to know the most common reasons for these accidents so that you can avoid them. Often high speed is a factor. Another common reason is driver error – often because drivers are distracted. Certain vehicles can be more prone to rollovers because of their design. And finally, tire malfunction can also be a cause of a rollover accident. You cannot guarantee safety on the road, but you can make yourself safer by being aware of how rollovers happen.

Rollover Accidents: How they Happen and How to Prevent them from Happening to You

High Speed

High speed is very often a factor in rollover accidents. When cars are traveling fast and collide, it’s more likely that the force of the speed will make the car flip. Rollovers can also happen is when a car takes a turn going too quickly. Even swerving to avoid an animal can cause a vehicle to roll over if your car is traveling fast enough. To avoid rollovers, always travel the posted speed limit. And always slow way down before taking a sharp curve to keep all four wheels on the ground.

Driver Error

Another source of rollover accidents is driver error. Drivers being distracted is so incredibly dangerous. If you’re driving, you should not be looking at your phone. Or let your mind wander. Rollover accidents can also happen when drivers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Often, these cause drivers to make sudden movements or even drive the wrong way on roads. This can lead to very bad accidents, including rollovers.

Electronic Malfunction

Some cars are more prone to rollover accidents because they are more top-heavy than others. Tall SUV’s in particular can be more likely to roll over. Therefore, most cars are equipped with ESC or Electronic Stability Control. This is an electronic sensor that helps prevent the car from rolling over. However, when it malfunctions, a rollover accident is more likely. Getting your vehicle serviced frequently should keep the electronics in good shape.

Tire Malfunction

Finally, tire malfunctions can often cause rollover accidents. Tires often blow out when drivers are traveling at a high rate of speed. The pressure on the tire from the car moving so quickly can cause it to fail. Therefore, tire blowouts often happen on highways. When this happens it can be difficult for your car to stay upright since it’s suddenly off-balance with one tire missing. While it’s impossible to ensure that your tires won’t ever fail, it’s important to pick high-quality tires for your car. You should always monitor the tire pressure, tread, and have them serviced and rotated frequently.

Rollover accidents are very scary and can be deadly. They are often caused in one way or another because a car is traveling at a high rate of speed. Make sure that you always drive the speed limit and slow down as you approach sharp turns. In addition, drivers must never drive distractedly as this can cause many different accidents, including rollovers. Making sure that your car’s ESC feature is working properly can keep you safer on the road as well. And finally, tire blowouts can cause rollover as well, so always make sure your tires are in good shape before hitting the road. Hopefully, by being aware of what can cause rollover accidents, you can stay safer on the road and avoid ever experiencing one.