I was on the way to work yesterday morning. The sun was out. It was going to be a light day at the office. Everything just seems better on Friday. Traffic was typically congested for that time in the morning. As I was about to change lanes, I observed, thankfully, a motorcyclist speeding and weaving through cars. Frankly, I almost pulled out in front of him. As a motorcycle accident attorney, I know full well what can happen when a car abruptly pulls out in front of someone riding on a motorcycle. Motorcycle accidents frequently result in serious personal injury, brain or closed head injury, and even death. I know. This is what I do. But here, in this case, the motorcyclist seemed to have no care or concern for his own safety. He was wearing all black clothing which seems to make him disappear in my rear view mirror. At least, he was wearing a helmet, but again, it was all black. He was not watching out for cars. Instead, he was darting in and out of lanes and coming dangerously close to moving traffic. He was also wearing a heavy book bag which can easily shift and cause a loss of control. Fortunately, he made it to his exit and left the interstate. I can only hope he made it to wherever he was going so fast.

Even though I represent injured and killed motorcyclists for a living, I would happily do anything else if only people would be safe on the road. Motorcyclists and their passengers are particularly susceptible to injury as they have no benefit of safety belts or airbags. Instead, in serious accidents, their bodies simply fly through the air until they land in the road or strike an object. And, they are propelled unprotected at whatever speed their motorcycle was traveling at the time of accident. Serious bodily injury and death are often the result. When I was an ICU Registered Nurse (RN), the motorcycle accident victims that I treated almost always broke bones or lost a body part.

Motorcyclists know they are never totally safe when on the road. However, to be as safe as possible, always wear bright colors with reflective strips for night driving. Always wear a DOT approved helmet with reflective strips. Always watch for traffic changes. And always anticipate bad driving by other drivers. Have an escape plan at all times. Know where you will go if someone pulls out in front of you or changes lanes without seeing you. Assume you are invisible to other drivers and never dart in and out of lanes. It is always safer, and frankly, more fun to ride alone. But, if you must have a passenger, instruct them before you head out how to ride with you and not against you. Keeping these basic safety tips in mind throughout your travel will help keep you alive and get you home safely. That’s all anyone wants. Ride to live. But live to ride again.

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