The National Traffic Safety Board reports that 24% of personal watercraft (PWC) accidents are caused by steering problems or loss of control.  This makes steering and loss of control one of the leading causes of PWC accidents.

One of the reasons for these problems is the method of steering for PWC’s.  Most PWCs are “jet boats,” driven by steerable nozzles.  These nozzles are connected to a jet pump that propels the water at speed fast enough to drive the craft.  Instead of having a traditional rudder, PWCs merely have the jet nozzle.  The problem with this is that when you slow down you get less steering.  You turn faster when the throttle is turned higher.  You turn more slowly if at all when the throttle is all the way off.

The theory is that, especially inexperienced boaters, will either not account for this effect or be unable to avoid collision because of it.

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