This past Wednesday, June 6th, the South Carolina Senate unanimously confirmed a new SC Worker’s Compensation Commissioner. Commissioner Gene McCaskill will begin his six (6) year appointed term on July 1, 2012. He fills the remaining vacanat seat created when former Chairman David Huffstetler resigned. Although I will sincerely miss Commissioner Huffstetler, we all look forward to trying cases before Commissioner McCaskill.

The Workers’ Compensation Commission has six (6) full time Commissioners on rotating appointments. They hear cases throughout the State three weeks out of four every month. The fourth week is reserved for Full Commission appeals. In this difficult economy, there are more lawyers “dabbling” in trying to handle workers’ compensation cases. However, the family of serious workers’ compensation attorneys is fairly small. Although most mistakenly think workers’ compensation is “easy,” it is not. This is a complex area of law with numerous time frames in which claimant’s must act or their case can be negatively impacted or even waived. For example, if hurt on the job while driving, you have potentially two claims – a workers’ compensation case as well as a “third party” lawsuit. If your lawyer begins the third party case without proper notice and filings, the workers’ compensation claim is deemed legally abandoned or waived. Better make sure your attorney is well versed and experienced in this area. His or her innocent mistakes could cost you and your family all.

Mr. Reeves of Reeves, Aiken & Hightower LLP is a 23 year veteran workers’ compensation attorney. For the first seven (7) years, he was a workers’ compensation insurance defense lawyer. And before going to law school, he was an ICU Registered Nurse (RN). As a result of his background and training, he understands complex injury and how to prepare serious workers’ compensation cases. For more information about him and our firm, please visit our website at www.rjrlaw.com. And, for a confidential review of your particular case, call us directly at 877-374-5999¬†toll free. We hope to have an opportunity to help you and your family through this most difficult time in your life. Call today.