Semi-truck drivers have a big responsibility when they are on the road. They are driving a very large, heavy vehicle. A truck accident could be very dangerous. Truck drivers need to remember these safe driving tips.

Semi-Truck Drivers: Ways to Stay Safe

Wear a Seat Belt

Airbags are not enough to help you in an accident, even in a vehicle the size of a semi-truck. Semi-truck drivers need to make sure to wear their seat belt so it will keep them safe while driving. This could prevent them from flying out of the vehicle if an accident were to happen. It could also reduce the risk of a more serious injury.

Don’t Drive Distracted

There is a lot of new technology in truck cabs nowadays. This could lead to distracted driving. GPS, while very helpful, can take the driver’s eye off the road and cause accidents. Cell phones can lead to drivers trying to do more while they are driving, which is also causing more accidents. 

Other activities that could cause semi-truck drivers to be distracted while driving are eating, looking for items in the cab, talking to passengers if you have any, and the list goes on. It is important to keep the distractions away while driving. Only take a look at them while at a rest stop, travel center, or at the destination.

Remember the Size of the Semi

Sometimes, it may be hard for semi-truck drivers to remember that they are pulling a lot of weight behind the truck cab. It takes a lot of force to get the semi-truck going, and a lot of force to get it to stop. Therefore, in the case of braking, it is necessary to keep a good amount of distance between a truck and the car ahead. A truck traveling at 55 mph will take 390 feet to come to a complete stop.

Turning can also be a challenge while driving a semi-truck. Drivers should keep in mind that they need to take wide turns. This will help prevent them from getting stuck trying to take tight corners.

Avoid Fatigue

Semi-truck drivers have long days and long weeks. In order to practice safe driving, it is necessary to make sure to take plenty of breaks and get rest. This is especially important when a driver is feeling tired. Driving while tired can be very dangerous. Other tips to reduce fatigue include eating healthy, doing exercises during breaks, and getting a good nights sleep.