With summer around the corner, you can expect the sun the be at its most prevalent and strongest. While the sun definitely has its benefits, it can also be dangerous as well. Therefore, proper sun protection is very important. Knowing how to protect yourself will allow you to work in the sun safely and avoid damaging your body…

Sun Protection: Avoiding Work-Related Burns


One of the most immediate forms of sun protection comes in what you’re wearing. Being out in the sun can be deceptive. Even if you don’t think the sun is all that strong, your skin can quickly get burnt or damaged. That’s why it’s a good idea to try and cover up as best you can, especially with those more-sensitive areas.

For example, long-sleeved shirts and pants can help cover your arms and legs, respectively. Hats are also a very useful means of sun protection. Not only do they help cover your face, they also help protect your more sensitive scalp from the sun. Sunglasses are another handy thing to wear, as they protect your eyes from the UV rays as well as make it easier for you to see.


While clothing can help, sometimes the heat or your job requirements means you can’t fully cover yourself. That’s where sunscreen and sun block come in handy. These forms of sun protection help give you a very large boost in keeping your skin safe. However, it’s important to use the right kind of protection.

Sunscreen is designed to be absorbed by the skin and absorbs UV Aging rays. Sun block sits on top of the skin, and blocks UV Burning rays. However, these days, most formulas are mixtures of sunscreens and blocks, ensuring you get the protection you need. Make sure to get sun protection with a high enough SPF for your needs, and reapply as needed.


Of course, if you’ve already got a sunburn, then sun protection becomes especially important. Continuous sun exposure on burnt skin can not only make it worse, but also potentially increase the risk of things like skin cancer. If you have a sunburn, make sure to limit your time out in the sun, stay hydrated, and use things like aloe vera to help your skin heal.